AOSB Report

heard from someone that it is possible to see a copy of your AOSB report or at the very least get a debrief on your performance to give you an idea of what weaknesses you can develop etc.

Currently all I've got is the letter from the AOSB giving me my result.

Wondered if anyone could shed any light on the rules/process here?

What is your result?

The "old system" (RCB) was that if you passed, you got a letter saying well done, you passed. Next step RMAS.

The debrief letter came if you failed.

So if you passed, well done. If you've not been that lucky then you should receive a letter eith more details once the postal strike is off...

(I'm sure there are people who can provide more up to date information)
I passed, but with the proviso that I wait x amount of time before going to RMAS to develop certain aspects of myself. I think the main reason for it was that they wanted to make sure I finished my degree.

However getting some feedback longer than one sentence might be helpful in knowing what I need to work on!
Congratulations HH_2!

How did you find the whole thing?

p.s. I've only just realised your avatar is a photo of rowers, I thought it was some sort of weird final fantasy monster. Slightly off topic.
wager said:
Your sponsor gets your report and should brief you on whats relevant.
cheers, will give them a ring today!

How did you find the whole thing?
Thoroughly enjoyed the experience bar the planning ex, which was stressful to say the least!

Each individual challenge was hard work, but unlike the briefing there is a lot of downtime and I was lucky enough to have an excellent group which gelled well.

Don't stress too much, just deal with each part of it as it comes.


Group dynamics are so important.

I failed my first attempt. So take this spiel with caution, BUT I didn't like my group compared to other groups. I liked two guys in it, but the rest were incredibly irritating for usual reasons which I shall avoid mentioning (going on about so-called 'experience' in a certain branch of the army with each other for ever, totally ignoring those without this 'experience'). Every down time was spent in total silence as the rest of the board seemed to be establishing good relationships, having a laugh with each other, etc. There were a few over-serious characters in my group and I found them off putting. So I'd say it's important.
Old post but I'm currently in the same situation however I wanted to do a TA commission ASAP before regs after the degree. Wandering how long it took for them to give you further information/what they said?

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