AOSB referees query - can you change one?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by DM0999, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi All,
    I sent off my forms a couple of months ago to AOSB and am still awaiting a briefing date (medical issues). In those forms were three referees which included, for me, the coach of a sports club I am chairman of.

    Unfortunately, since sending off the forms things have turned a bit sour between the coach and the club, and I fear things will only get worse. Obviously this affects my relationship with the coach, being chairman, me having to deal with this coach and how he's behaving. Due to recent goings on, this guy possibly isn't a character I'd like to be associated with. So, my worry is that because of all of this he may provide me with a bad reference or not even provide one at all.

    Because of this, do you think it would be possible or even a particularly good idea to ring up AOSB and ask to change this referee? One, would they allow it? And two, how would this reflect on my application or would it have any adverse consequences on me being awarded a pass at Main Board?

    Many thanks,
  2. You seek HMTQ's Commission - this requires using your head on occasions.

    Noone here can definitively answer the question for you, and it will require you to contact the AOSB in any case. Rather than wait for some replies, many of which are not hugely useful, why not just pick up the phone, make the call and stop worrying about the issue?
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  3. Thanks for your reply, I was querying on here first to see if anybody had had any previous experience of doing it, as once I've rung the AOSB to enquire about changing the reference that might reflect negatively on myself anyway.
  4. I think you are over analysing the situation here.

    You have a minor issue, and at present are one of thousands of different people who are considering applying to see whether you have the potential to obtain the Queens Commission. You will not be remembered from anyone else at this stage - you are just a random name. Believe me when I say that the staff have seen / heard / experienced it all before, and it really won't blot your copy book. You are assessed purely on your performance on the day. Nothing else matters.

    Bluntly, in the time its taken you to write this post, you could have sorted the entire issue out!
  5. All right then thanks mate, I shall see how the situation with said coach progresses and if it takes a turn for the worse give AOSB a ring and change my referee.
  6. Short answer yes you can - I did the same.
    Tell your ACA1 about it if needs be, and request a new form. Resubmit the form with a letter explaining the changes (merely say you felt a better reference was obtainable or something similar)
  7. Changes to referees happen all the time, people on sabatical,sick in hospital etc.

    Just ring up and change the details.