AOSB Press ups


Forgive me but there is some contrasting information on here.

Some threads say that press ups have to be done with elbows tucked into the sides and hands no more than shoulder width apart (tricep push ups) whilst others say that provided that you have the 90 degree bend in your ams and that you lock out at the top then you will be ok.

Anyone able to shed some light?

Thanks in advance,
Hands go in-line with the shoulders, at whatever width you like. Feet no more than 30cm apart. Start from floor, raise to arms fully extended, lower until upper arms are parallel with the floor.

Keep head up throughout.
I've wondered about this- do they really check that you, er, go all the way down? Do they want your chest to touch the ground each time? I normally do them so my nose just touches. Some people cheat like mad and go nowhere near the ground, makes it a hell of a lot easier.
As I said, lower until your upper arms are parallel with the ground.

Yes, they do check.
What MattB has said is how we were asked to do it at main board. Just to add, keep good form or they will knock press ups off. Guy next to me had a bit of a bent back and must have done nearly 60 before they counted his 44.
Oh they definitely check... Train by going further down than you think you need to, or if possible do it in front of a mirror so you are doing them with your head forward checking that you are going down far enough.

And just to reiterate - they Absolutely check. A lot. Constantly. Staring at you. Repeating the word "No" at regular intervals.....
Buy some push up bars, they train you to go down further and make normal push ups easy in comparison.

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