Hello chaps,

I'm very new to arrse, and have been getting some great tips from everyone about the AOSB and Army officer selection.

I thought it was about time I started my own thread to share some ideas that I have picked up from various resources.

I also would like to record my own progression through the selection process, with the intention of informing other potentials of what's the format and pace of things to come.

let me start by letting you know where im at.

Currently studying at Newcastle uni, electronics and electrical engineering,
have had many years in the cadet force when I was younger and am also at UOTC.

Looking at the PARA's or RE's but swaying more towards PARA's

I have just sent off the Army Officer interest form. so not too far into the process!

i have a very good friend of mine who has recently passed out of RMAS and is filling me with lots of good gen! so any questions you have, I can forward onto him.

many thanks and keep me posted!

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