AOSB planning exercise tips

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dan2k7, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. As above anyone have any tips for this part of the assessment and what exactly it is likely to involve? Read the briefing pack I was given but doesn't give any indication of what it will involve
  2. Basically:

    You're given a text, which outlines a problem - you have to work out what the problem entails
    There's a specific format used to come up with a plan (effectively showing your working), and then you come up with a final solution - but you'll be taught how to do this at the briefing.

    This solution is both written by you and marked, and memorised by you and presented to the DS.

    Top tip: if you finish early, re-read the problem and try and remember as many of the details of the problem as you can -someone will be expected to answer questions on the scenario and sods law says it'll be you: I'd memorised (and concentrated on) my perfect plan and then the DS asked me what country I was in!

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Another top tip - look out for unfounded assumptions in the scenario such as estimating the quantity of supplies needed at the disaster site without anyone actually having done a recce. They're usually inserted to make the achievement of all the stated objectives impossible and will make a nonsense of your plan if not detected.

    Just remember that the exercise is about demonstrating a capacity for logical thought and clear expression and the ability to assimilate a situation, prioritise the issues and allocate resources effectively. It's also about seeing if you can discuss your plan without calling anyone a cnut.

    Don't roll over and be prepared to fight your corner but, if you are caught spouting nonsense, don't reinforce defeat or try to bluff your way out. Accept the point and rework the plan to accomodate it if possible - you're also being tested to see if you can think on your feet. Show that you can make choices and justify them rationally and in a measured way (once you're commissioned, the requirement to be rational and measured declines with each promotion). Good luck.
  4. Expressing your answer in the prescribed format is very important. I got the impression it was better to come up with the wrong answer set out correctly than the other way around.
  5. Dan,

    Work out your speed, time and distances for all the locations and resources first, then come up with the best plan you can. Having the info in a clear tabular form will help.
    There are examples of Planning exercies available online - Just google either AOSB or RCB etc.
  6. Thank you everyone for your very helpful responses, I will do some preparation prior to heading to westbury
  7. Good Afternoon everybody.

    I have recently come back from AOSB Briefing and AOSB Main Board itself. Before these 2 visits i was constantly searching through this website for help and advice.

    Now i have come back from both i feel as thogh i should pass on and advice and tips that anybody needs? If you still need any help preparing or have any general questions, fire away and i will do my best to answer!

    With regards to planning exercises, practice practice practice. I must have done around 10 - 15 in preperation for Main Board but still made silly mistakes in the real one!

  8. Hi mate do you have any tips on how much knowledge I need to have with regard to current affairs for the briefing, what sort of depth do the discussions go into?
  9. Umm, to be honest mate you dont need to go wild! Obviously keep reading decent newspapers and maybe 'The Week' magazine if possible. In honesty this will help you with the current affairs questions more than anything else. With the group discussions it obviously helps if you have an in depth knowledge, however as logn as you can hold your own in a debate then you shouldnt have to worry too much. It will be more moral debates if you get me . . . e.g Should animals be used for cosmetic testing?

    Also have a few topics in mind to talk about. As you might have to start a topic yourself.

    Good luck!

  10. powell, what is the main advice you can give as you have experienced both fairly recently and know what i may encounter, im mainly worried about the maths side of the whole thing as maths isn't my strongest subject and i keep reading up about speed distance time etc ?
  11. Practice doing maths then.
  12. Read the question carefully!
  13. Oh, and not to come across as too much of an internet pedant, but bear in mind that essay writing is one of the tests at AOSB and you will be expected to use capital letters.
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