AOSB October 2012

I am going to the aosb briefing on the 29th Oct, close now so preparing very hard! Just wondering to anyone who has done the briefing/main board recently, have they asked much about Army 2020 at all? Just a topic i thought would be useful to know in depth, useful or not?
TJHutch - I am also going. What sort of preparing are you doing? I'm a bit more worried about the fitness having injured myself recently. Good timing!!!!!
I am also on this one!! I'm nervous already, in a similar situation Lord_L got injured last week, always the way isn't it!!!
How's the prep going for you both?!
I would like to have done more but i guess that you always do. I just hope things come up that I know about. Bit of cramming this weekend and hope for the best. Off to the gym now as it happens! Nice to get there and start the process.
I've just been keeping on my fitness, hopefully i'll be alright! yeah touch wood i'll keep myself free from injury. I've been reading newspapers, SDT questions over and over and over, great fun! haha. Not long left new, see you there!
Does anyone know if the interview on the first day is a single interview or the 3 like main board? If it is single, how long is it and what sort of thing is covered?

Thanks in advance.

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