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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by conornm, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,
    I did my briefing in may this year and received a 2.3 phys as my efforts on the obstacle course were poor, namely failing the long jump. I was told to work on my agility before returning to main board. I've recently received the date for main board in November.
    Since then I've been doing much more fitness training and am quite confident with my agility now but before I return I want to be sure I can pass the long jump. So my question is does anyone know how long the long jump is? And does anyone have any advise on how best to improve my long jump?
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's about 12 feet, so not the Olympics. You need to practise getting a bit of height and throwing your feet forwards.
  3. As Cpunk said it's 12ft, or three metres. It's really all in the run up; you just have to run hard and launch yourself and then momentum carries you most of the way there anyway.

    I was in your shoes as I got a 2.3 at Briefing for agility on the obstacle course. If you were really keen you could add some pylometrics to your training but I didn't do anything special before MB to be honest. I just continued to work hard on my all round fitness (running, swimming, calisthenics) which stood me in good stead for all physical aspects of the Board. That, and a little bit of aggression, should see you round the assault course easily enough.
  4. I suspect it is probably more like 5 ft!
  5. It says the distance on one of the attachments in the e-mail your briefing clerk sent you when you originally booked your briefing.

    EDIT: No I'm wrong, I just checked mine it's the height of the wall they state. Sorry.
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Ashford_old_school, you suspect wrong!
  7. 5ft? I could jump that with my arms tied behind my back. Face would hurt afterwards though... 5ft = 1.6m or so. 12ft = 3m probably the latter.

    Technique - Run, Jump, fling legs forward with momentum.

    As with the whole course, it is more showing maximum effort than obtaining maximum results.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Well no: you're scored on the number of obstacles you complete so if you spaz it, you'll have problems however much effort you put in. Best plan is to have the requisite physical fitness, agility and technique to be able to make a good showing.
  9. Your maths are a bit turd. Even if 5ft was 1.6m, that would make 12ft 3.84m.

    As it is, 1ft is 3.05m. So 12ft is 3.66m. 3m is just below 10ft.
  10. Want to check that again??? 😉
  11. You ******* child touching retard. Even if 1' did equal 1m you would still know absolutely **** all about AOSB or any other vaguely military matter.

    Unless of course the subject in hand was how to stuff a survival tin, prismatic compass and an escape map into a 13 year old boy's anus.
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  12. Someone said it's about 12ft. Someone else converted this badly. Someone else said more like 3ft.

    My guesstimates were sound enough. 3ft is 1m ish. So of course using bad maths to make 3m equal 12ft worked in my head... I'm going to bed. That's 3 rushed posts on here and all come back to bite me!

    I'm losing my edge...

    Oh no...
  13. Oh wait well done me . . . . that's some good maths there o_O

    3m = 9.8ft but now I can't remember whether it's 3m or 12ft. Can't we all just agree that if you take a good run and leap then you'll be fine!!
  14. whoops, 0.305m.

    Didn't even mention AOSB, only unit conversion.

    Thanks for the PM, little love notes make me feel all warm and fuzzy.