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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by dave0450, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. hi, anyone able to send me a scan of there notes from briefing course for the planning ex. cheers
  2. Anyone mind throwing me them as well, I would not mind having a look over any paper they got from briefing.
  3. Aims (essential and desirable)
    Factors (and deductions)
    Courses of Action (2/3 courses of action)
    Final plan

    When deciding which plan to use score each one in terms of;
    -aims (did the plan fulfil the essential aims and maybe the desirable ones?)
    -Time (did the plan stay inside the time restrictions?)
    -Realism (how realistic is the plan?)
    -Risk (how risky is the plan?)

    Simples. (In theory anyway)

    What did you hope to get from other peoples notes?

    I have a number of planex's that I will share, the majority of which could/can be fount on the site. (not too sure where they are on this new site.)

  4. I will take anything I can get my hands on, I have my briefing in August and want to be as prepared as possible. I have found a few planex's knocking about but since I have not actually done my briefing I do not know which ones are good or not, so if you could send me all the ones you think would be useful that would be a great help!

    Any tips you have for the briefing in general would be great as well, since you got a Cat 1.
  5. Sentinel,

    I would recommend not doing any planex's until briefing. This is so that your group leader can show you very clearly how to tackle them. Private message me an e-mail address and I will send you them through so that you have them for Main Board.

    In relation to tips for AOSB Briefing:
    1) Do plenty of prep for the MAP test (although it is being tested at both briefing and main board now a good result will enhance your chances of getting a cat 1).
    2) Phys and plenty of it. (At least be able to reach the minimum for the bleep test, and don't neglect your bodies strength as the obstacle course will be challenging if your not prepared.)
    3) Interact with your group, get to know each other and the two days become a lot more enjoyable.
    4) Have fun.

    Remain confident and give it your all and you will be fine.

  6. I have had a few people say that to me. I will resist doing them until after the briefing. PM sent.

    My Verbal Reasoning is near 10/10 I am very strong on that part, my Abstract Reasoning is fairly good as well, I am getting 5-6/10 on average. But my Numerical Reasoning is fairly terrible, I did the practice one on the mod website and I completely screwed it up. All the Numerical Reasoning tests I can find online put the emphasis on the math and I score well in those, asking really hard mathematical questions is not too hard for me. But the one on the mod website was not asking you to do anything more difficult than adding and dividing a few numbers, but instead you had to really interpret the data in a specific way and it completely threw me.

    I don't suppose anyone has any good places to get practice numerical reasoning tests? I found this website: Numerical Reasoning | Free Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests , which is great for the Verbal and Abstract, but the math is just way too advanced in the Numerical part and just does not test you in the way the MOD website one does. Any advice?
  7. For the MAP tests I borrowed a book from my local library, anything that covers psychometric testing will be useful.

  8. On the subject of MAPS tests; are you allowed some working space with paper and pencil, or is it entirely brain based?
  9. PBW

    PBW Swinger

    My advice to you Sentinel would be to relax in terms of getting to grip with the planex, rather save that stress for pre-MB after your group leader at briefing has run through everything with you in terms of DS method.

    The MAP tests are innate and whilst they may affect your category at briefing as long as you're not heavily below average they will not have a major bearing upon your MB where there are a number of more important factors the staff will consider. Preparation for the MAP test in my opinion will maybe only affect your score by 1-2% but will help you control your stress levels!

    For the briefing I concentrated on the current affairs discussion topics and individual interview questions i.e. why do you want to join, why would you be a good officer etc. as well as the fitness for which you should make sure you are fully prepared. It's not difficult to pass yet still easy to fail!
  10. Sounds good, thanks for the advice.
  11. Hello All,
    I have my Main Board in September and have forgotten most of the tips about how to approach them as my briefing was over a year ago and i stupidly lost my notes. Any one with spare notes/advice would be much appreciated. Also can anyone point me towards a place where I can get Plan Ex's to practice.

  12. hey; does anyone still have these notes at all? They'd really help!

  13. With one week to go before my Briefing next Monday I've found the information in this thread very constructive.

    However just a quick albeit off topic question. I am travelling to Westbury by rail on the Monday morning. How much time roughly should I safely leave between arrival in Westbury and getting to Leighton House? Is there a cab rank outside the station or is it safer to pre book a taxi before arrival? I'm probably fretting over nothing as others will be in the same boat and I can cab share but I don't trust the rail network so want to leave myself plenty of time on arrival.
  14. Are you really saying you don't trust yourself to plan the simple journey to Westbury? If you are that worried arrive the night before and stay in a Bed and Breakfast.

    Edited to say: I'm not trying to be rude, but seriously- chill. The obvious thing to do would be to look it up on a map. Google maps says 1.5 miles approximately from train station to leighton house. If there for some strange reason there are no taxis it is but a 20/30 minute amble on foot! Clearly you will need to pay careful attention to the timings mentioned in your joining instructions so as to organise your punctual arrival at westbury.

    As the Briefing Supervising Officer (a retired Col. I believe) told us in our plan ex brief- organising the journey to westbury is in itself a plan ex (albeit a very simple one). Good practice!