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Apologies if this has been covered before, but here goes...

How strict is the waist measurement criteria when having your AOSB Medical? I believe the maximum is 94cm, today my measurement was approx. 100cms. I weigh approx. 16 stone and should be down to 15 by the time I take Main Board, can easily run 1.5 Miles in under 8 minutes 30 seconds at the moment, but I am worried that if my waist is still over the limit, will it hamper selection?

It's all going down the route of BMI now-a-days. See this
Body mass index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Of note:
1. The taller you are the 'proportionality' smaller your waist has to be
2. Muscle mass skews the whole thing.
During my time I never managed to get a decent BMI but the army is not daft, whenever asked say you played rugby everyday of your life and you are a keen downhill skier/bodybuilder. This allows them to pass you through the requirement.
Good luck
100cm? that's a 40 inch waist??

As long as you pass the phys you'll be fine, and the bleep test and obstacle course at Westbury are genuinely no dramas as long as you can do the 1.5 mile run in 10 minute pace and support your own bodyweight (i.e. heaves and press ups).

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