AOSB Medical...tests?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by uo1_rhino, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Whilst making sure that potential officers are fit and tough enough to take on training at RMAS, does the medical take any other checking your blood or piss?
  2. They do a urinalysis. This is to check protein and sugar content, rather than to test for the presence of drugs, which I suspect is the reason for your question.
  3. Haha no I am not a junkie just curious to see what tests they use. What are they checking for by looking at protein and sugar levels?
  4. Save me some on that j dude
  5. As jew_unit says, the urine specimen you give is to check for blood/glucose/protein in your piss - the presence of any of these is a pretty strong indication that something is amiss.
    There are no blood tests. There's a full-on hearing test, bmi and blood pressure readings taken, then your session with the doctor who checks joint movements, heart, lungs, eyes, ears, mouth, and for the finale gives your balls the once-over.
    Try to arrive as early as possible on Day 1, that way you get as much of the medical done before the assessments start, and reduces the likelihood of having to wait around after you finish on Friday.
  6. Sugar indicates diabetes, and protein indicates kidney problems. If anything abnormal is discovered, you'll be sent for a fuller medical.
  7. And phone up Talk to Frank before you confirm your AOSB date. It's best you know how long all that party powder will be staying in your blood stream. I can't imagine getting caught with more smack in your p!ss than there was at Woodstock will be an easy thing to explain away.
  8. do they give you a full sight test if you wear glasses or just take an optians report?
  9. I am taking protein/creatine shakes for my rugby training and will be taking this during Main Board...will it show up and be a problem?
  10. Probably not, but why continue to take them through the board and thereby run the risk? Its not going to help you out so maybe just leave it of for a few days.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about protein or creatine. I know people who were openly taking them at Sandhurst and no comment was made even after a CDT. The only thing to bear in mind (and I admit to being no expert on the subject) is that you need to be doing a hell of a lot of the right sort of phys for this sort of thing to make any real difference.

    I suspect that the point of the original post was in the order of I have taken/smoked something I know that I shouldn't have, will I get found out on first contact? The answer to this is largely dependant on what you took, in what quantity and how long ago. While the army has a zero tolerance policy on drugs for its serving personnel, the availability and acceptance of the use of particularly the so called soft drugs (i.e. cannabis and derivitives thereof) in civilian society as a whole means that like it or not many servicemen (including officers) may have taken taken some form of illegal narcotic at some stage before they joined. Like it or not there is not a great deal that can be done to change this. I would suggest that honesty is probably the best policy here. If you have at some stage in the dim and distant past smoked a bit of cannabis occasionally, but have not touched it in years and would not do it now at all, I would suggest you shouldn't have a problem. If you were or still are a regular user of cannabis or even touched anything harder, in all honesty I wouldn't bother, you are not the sort of person we need to command our soldiers.

    So in short: ever taken any so called "hard drugs," don't bother. If you have been a "regular user" (i.e. most days) of so called "soft drugs" or are still using them (however occasionally), don't bother.
  12. Indulge my curiosity for a moment, what is this checking for?
  13. Inguinal hernias. wikipedia will tell you what that is; it;s not pleasant.
  14. Thanks Brave-Coward but I am not a junkie. I would be lying if I said that I had not tried cannabis when I was on my gap year 5 years ago :meditate: but it really is something I dislike and have not touched since then.

    I assume most of the potential officers or serving officers have tried it once in their lives?

    I have no problems with anyone taking testing what is in my blood or piss...they will not find anything that exciting!
  15. Oh good god I wish I hadn't asked.
    :( :( :( :( :(