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Hi all,

I went to the doctors yesterday for a bug that I picked up a few days ago but I asked her to take my BP whilst I was there.
First time she measured it was 144/76 with a pulse of 51 bpm. Second time was 133/75 with pulse of 50 bpm.

It is apparently 'high normal' but does not want to go any higher.

I know that this is over the 'optimum' blood pressure but would this constitute to a medical fail?

I have my MB at the end of this month and would hate to fail on something borderline.

If anyone knows, do please let me know. I have seen a thread about BP on here before but there were no specifics.
Can't comment about joining but I can about leaving, I was told I had High BP in my
last posting (Plymouth) I was prescribed 3 different Tabs. and told to get on with it.

No tests or explanation, 22 years later I'm still on them but well under the limit for
HGV Driver, MiT is the Chap to answer this, I reckon!
Hi Sweeters, the Westbury Medical staff are strict on the rules, but also very decent. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Because of my ACL injury, I had to go back and have my medical after my mainboard. Whilst I was there I was very nervous, having got my original medical fail overturned I was desperate for there to be no problems. I wish I could remember the required blood pressure for you now, I am really sorry I can’t, but basically mine was borderline / over. They re-tested me quite a few times and made jokes about it, they called it ‘white coat syndrome’, panicking because I was getting my blood pressure taken was sending it up, as I relaxed it came down more. They said this was normal, and in the end the nurse went and got another nurse to see if she had any ideas on how to bring my blood pressure down, as it was only a little out still and they used a larger arm cuff and it immediately scored well within. I don’t know if this was a mental thing, or if the original cuff was too small, but either way they will do everything to help you pass they can.

Finally they said that if it was elevated just by a bit and they couldn’t get it to score within, I could go to my local doctors, where they do a series of test over a period of time, and they send in the scores to AOSB medical and hopefully this will bring it down and show a better score.

Thanks for the reply. Reassuring to say the least.

My BP is not high but 'high normal' and I get the feeling that it is a mental thing. I am a nervous patient and when told to relax, it came down a bit. I have been told that I have 'white coat syndrome' and that it does not help when trying to get a good BP score!

So as I read it, they didn't bin you off your MAin Board but allowed you to continue and then get your GP to confirm at a later date? So I presume that you are not passed fit until you get scores from your GP? Or is it a case of if you pass everything else, then they pass you but on the condition that your GP verifies your BP is normal?

Many thanks in advance.
My last medical showed my BP was slightly high, so they laid me down, told me to relax for 5 minutes and they would come back and try again.


Like the nurse said, a medical can be a bit worrying and BP will naturally go up.
Hey Sweeters mine came down whilst I was there so didn’t actually need to go to the local GP I was just told it was an option.

They were just saying that if it didn’t come down, there were other ways around it. Not sure if it would be the case if you massively over, but as you say you are, if you are high normal I am sure you will be fine.

Good luck for your main board, I’d be interested to know what the blood pressure requirements are if you ever find out.

Many thanks. I am very much looking forward to main board and if I find out then I will certainly let you know. I know that 'optimum for adults' is 120/80 but whether of not that is the limit, I am not sure.

If the same rule applies for blood pressure as it does for BMI then no worries as they allow people with a BMI of under 30 when the 'healthy' number is below 25. FYI

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