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Hi everyone,
My medical forms were sent to AOSB last week, and have just been on the phone with the medical centre. They said they need more information relating to back problems I suffered between 2004-2006. These were basically muscular problems caused by a growth spurt (I was between the ages of 13 and 15) and exasperated by playing sport (basketball and rugby). I am absolutely fine now without even a hint of back problems and have rowed competitively at uni for 2.5 years with no back pain at all, and regularly go hiking with a heavy-ish pack.

The only medical treatment I had was a few doctors appointments and referral to a physio for about five appointments which sorted it all out.

Is there a chance I will be medically rejected because of this, or are they just wanting more information for precaution?

'Is there a chance' Yes... There is always a chance, however we are not experts and cannot really give you specific answers to your query.

My view based on what you have told us, is that the army is gathering more information to check the route of the problem and ascertain whether they could foresee issues if you had to tab 10miles with 66lbs on your back.

Good luck with your application, I would hope that the last few years of no pain, even whilst doing quite exhausting tasks, could show that you would be fine.


Some advice from me, having got a "we need more info" letter from the AOSB because of really bad shin problems 2 years prior to going for it.

A) Talk up how much of a non issue it is
B) Point out the things you do (gym, run, etc with weight) successfully now with 0 problems and keep positive.
It'll go well and you'll be smiling out of the doctor's door. It's just a precaution they HAVE to take to get more info.

C) Everyone gets pulled up on this sort of stuff. Treat it as it is, an enquiring to make sure you're fit for purpose. It'll come to nothing, as long as it is nothing :)

Edit to say - I remember bricking it over my legs for a month waiting to hear at AOSB if it was a no go. So don't panic.
A remark unrelated to the actual question but still on thread I hope. Brufen anti inflammatory medication helps your body recover quickly from extremes of activity. In days gone by, when used in combination with Captogon it made a person truly indestructible.
See Jarrod for an internal back support fitting.
Thanks guys for the first two replies, reassuring to know that they probably do just want more info and aren't looking to reject me. Hopefully it will all work out as I know there is absolutely no reason I'd be unable to do anything asked of me in training or service. I'll just have to convince the medical people of that, somehow!

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