Discussion in 'Officers' started by WHISTLE, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is someone who could help me understand the main board a bit better. I am attending the main board on the 15th of May as I got a cat 2:6, due to not doing to well on the psychometric test. I have two main worries, first and for most is the fact that I need to pass the psychometric test again and would like someone to give me some advise or tips in doing well, and secondly I was wondering if someone could give me an example of the type of questions you get on the tests in the main board i.e. service knowledge, general knowledge and what they are looking for in the essay. Any help is much appreciated
  2. My last post in the RCB thread has some advice I found useful regarding the Abstract Reasoning part of the MAP tests.
  3. Whistle, psychometric tests can be practised. I suggest you go to your local bookshop and browse for "how to succeed in.." and practice books for PT. Also start buying a newspaper daily with puzzles. The mental approach is the same and it will keep you sharp - you might even absorb some news which will be handy for other activities on the board.
  4. As cuddles has suggested, get practising on mental agility. Start doing sums in your head, do some IQ tests (can find them online), give a few crosswords or suduko puzzles a go.

    As for service questions, they are fairly general in nature, and done to show that you have a general idea about the organisation you are applying to join. Get the Charles Hayman pocket guide to the British Army and study the basics (Structure of the armed forces, the army, main equipment, some general history).

    That should see you through.

    They have a test that matches what you are given. You should also just browse the army wed site for more information. Good luck
  6. If you are sponsored, you can ask the regimental liason officer for some examples of some of the different tests, usually planing exercises etc., as they sometimes have them knocking about.