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I am currently having a stress moment about my main board. I have just re-watched the video for the 1000th time. This time it is the obstacle course that is stressing me out. Does anyone know much about the obstacle course ? Is the girls different from the boys ? Any help would be much appreciated ! Plus any general main board advice. Thank you.
The obstacle course is fuckin horrendous!! ( well it is when your 47, 5 foot 6 and fucked from being the climbing monkey in 2 hours of command tasks)
Why not just turn up and give it your best instead of needlessly worrying about the ifs and buts? There will be some running, some jumping, some climbing and some crawling; as long as you prepare for these actions and expect them to be required in any order, then you wont go wrong.
Why not just turn up and give it your best instead of needlessly worrying about the ifs and buts? There will be some running, some jumping, some climbing and some crawling; as long as you prepare for these actions and expect them to be required in any order, then you wont go wrong.
What about the skipping? ....... they always forget the skipping.


Males and females do slightly different individual obstacle courses, but if you're 'stressed out' by the prospect, it isn't the career for you.
Top Tips:

- The plank that is the obvious choice to use to cross the "shark infested river" will be precisely 1/2" too short. This will not become apparent until you try it.

- The complicated pulley thing is a red herring put there to amuse the DS.

- The 6' wall is in fact 6'6" (but no one has ever thought to measure it...).
I did mine as a scholar in 1983 (I think!). It was indoors and there was a circuit around about a dozen obstacles. You had to do one full circuit and then a best effort of any obstacles. I think there was a point value attached to each obstacle so I chose a mini circuit of 2 medium pointed obstacles that were close to each other to repeatedly loop and maximise my score. I don't know if that approach would still work but it paid off for me last century!


Hi all, passed my main board a month or so ago, so if anyone has any serious questions about their main board, do ask here, but please read this simple advice first:

1) Go and get fit. The one thing you can prepare for and a fifth of people on my main board failed it. What a joke. Do 44 pressups and 50 situps every day for a couple of weeks beforehand, you want to be able to nail it, it'll give you more confidence as you go on. People told me they were bad at the bleep test. Again, there's a free app and I'm sure you all have access to a tape measure, no excuses. If you can't do this it shows a real lack of effort and prep.

2) Be yourself. Don't try and answer the personality test how you think they want you to. That's exactly what I did, I then got into my education interview, and he said "You're test tells me you'd really struggle to work as part of a team". Luckily I work as part of a team every day at work so he was satisfied, but learn from my mistake and be as open as you can, there really is no right or wrong. This also applies in everything you do, both with the staff observing you and the guys and girls in your group. Within four days they'll all be able to see through you because excluding having a dump, you do everything together, so be yourself, be honest and open.

3) Chill out & enjoy yourself. Possibly the hardest. I know, easier said that done was what I thought when I heard this advice as I was anxious and stressing myself in the weeks prior to my main board. All this bloody time on the application and it comes down to this week. Yeah, true, but if you come accross as relaxed and have a smile on your face, your group is going to instantly warm to you, and they may look to you as a natural leader, which will come across to the directing staff. When interviewing you, they want the bloke (or lady of course) that seems relaxed and approachable. Someone that has big potential as part of or in charge of a team.

4) It isn't random that your put in a team of eight. They want to see how you work within that team, if you're a helpful, integral part or just an arse. It's so true that you pass or fail as a team, because you'll make yourselves look awesome, or rubbish. Help each other whenever you can, encourage each other, offer advice. Smash the races together and take advantage of people strengths. I had a fella who was 7ft4 (seriously) so if someone needs to go over a wall or have something passed over a gap...

5) They'll tell you not to worry about each individual part and just start the next with fresh purpose and a clear head, and they are totally right. I was the only one to completely and utterly fail the individual command tasks, so it was easy waiting for my letter because I already thought I'd failed. Seriously, even if everyone died on your plan ex and N Korea now rules the world, don't worry, forget it, go into the grilling with a cool head and when he asks you about your plan, say you had a poor plan or that you'd like to refer to the group plan, it's a chance to prove that even when your knee deep in doggy doo, you're still calm and thinking logically. They are looking for potential, not a finished article. Throw everything you have into each task your given. Make it look like you'd give your left testicle for a chance at Sandhurst.

You CAN do it, because I bloody did it, if you've got less than a couple of weeks until your main board, stop wasting your time on forums looking for advice. Calm yourself, go for a run, read some current affairs and get ready to give everything you have in the 4 days they have to look at you.

Any questions, fire away. I will do my best to help.

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