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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. I have my main board coming up in April and im worried about one of the obstacles in the assault course - the rope swing. The first one on the course where you jump up onto the platform, then jump out onto a rope then swing over a bar. A friend owns a gym and is helping me work on it by setting up a rope, but since my brief was over a year ago i cant remember the distance from the platform to the rope. Does anybody know this?

    Also any general advice on technique for the course as a whole would be appreciated so i can give it my all. This is because ive been told a PTI takes you around the course giving tips, but also that only your syndicate leader is the person who takes you around and doesnt give tips. Thanks.
  2. Reproducing the course in your bedroom won't help you. Don't get hung up on a single physical aspect of a long and varied process. If you've never swung on a bit of rope, swing on a bit of rope. Do NOT get wound around that axle.

    You'll give it your all anyway - knowing how many bricks high the wall is won't help.
  3. And thats just what im doing. I am focusing on all round fitness and seeing good results thanks to the help of the fitness section on here, dont worry im not letting myself be blinkered by this. Im merely wanting to practice technique as i kept kicking the bar after the swing, thats something you perfect by doing it not more weights. Take into account that if you fail any one of the obstacles you instantly fail the board, thats a lot of work for nothing especially when its so easily remedied.
  4. State your source...?
  5. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    If you fail an obstacle you do not fail the board.

    You are more likely to fail by being nervous, worried and stressed on arrival. Take a chill pill, and relax.

    The amount of people becoming stressed by over complicating things is enormous. It's jumping, grabbing a rope, and landing on a platform.
  6. On my brief were told we had to pass all the obstacles on the main board or fail the obstacle course which lead to a fail. But going by your response im talking nonsense from a hazey memory, sorry :oops:

    But back on topic. Can anybody recommend any advice for the course if no tips are given on the brief by the PTI, i want to do my best i can.
  7. A PTI takes you round and demonstrates the obstacles for safety, so you don't break your neck falling off something or get booted in the face lifting someone over the wall. Don't worry too much about it, just give it your all. The board is more interested in your commitment and determination than your ability to swing on a rope.
  8. There's a whole thing about the AOSB and its many wonders in the occifer section of the forums
  9. by the way I also remember that rope being quite a good jump out from the platform, but its not very far, but far enough that you couldn't really have a leg on the platform and be holding the rope at the same time, its definitely not as long as the long jump that you have to do