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what do they ask at the interview??
So i'm not going to tell you exactly, but i'll give you a good idea. Your educational context. How educated are your family and what they do for careers for example. They want to see whether you have outperformed for your background or under-performed. IE if you parents went to Eton then Oxbridge and you didn't finish A levels. They want to know why. It won't necessarily rule you out they just want to understand how smart you are and your educational motivations. Term 2 of Sandhurst has an academic component and they want to see if you have the smarts for it. For example, I'm the only one to finish formal education all the way to degree level in my family. So it probably shows given my situation that I have achieved academically without support shows i'll likely cope with the academic bits.

They will test you a bit on quickfire mental arithmetic, and they will look through your test scores on the psychometric testing as well as your essay and ask you questions about how it fits with the rest of your profile. I think I did ok on this but failed elsewhere at board.

(Obviously i didn't pass the board and I wasn't there when they discussed candidates at boarding, i'm just trying to give you the best insight possible, so feel free to take what I say with a pinch of salt)

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