AOSB/ Main Board 2371 - B&Bs

Afternoon chaps.

I'm just about to book my B&B, anyone attending MB 2371 on the 19/04/10 to 22/04/10 and who is staying in a B&B in Westbury on the 18/04/10, let me know.

(Advice from anyone who has had the blithesome experience of a Westbury B&B would also be welcome...)

Being surrounded by fellow aspirants prior to the board would be jolly.

Laters potatoes.
Sandy from redwood lodge is lovely.

I stayed there for my briefing and my last main board and will be there for my final one just before you.
Agreed, Redwood Lodge is grand - I'm also on that board, and will be staying there on the Sunday. I wholeheartedly endorse Sandy's breakfasts, but perhaps may refrain from gorging myself senseless.


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