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Having a little problem with phys. I have been beasting myself since briefing but I'm not sure I'm there yet on the MSFT. I'm throwing in an extra couple of interval sessions on top of everything else. Hoping it will help.

How are you doing with it all?
Yeah if I'm to be honest the bleep test is quite frustrating I'm just scraping the 10.2 and know I should be doing a lot better. (Apparently its all about the turn at the end of each lenght) But your doing the right thing by steping it up abit so you should be fine. What are you getting up to on the msft?
I'm grand with everything else (I think) although plan ex is the big one I'm working on. Any other dramas with yourself?
Yea, some friends who went through it have just been telling me to 'reach' with my leg rather than cross the line fully and turn, and that should help. I am not totally sure to be honest. I haven't done one since briefing, where I did badly. (Somewhere around 8.5 I think, hence a three month delay) I'm just hoping that the work will be enough. Good think you're there with the 10.2 though. You'll be able to breeze it as long as you keep up the work until the day.

Yea, planex has everyone worried I think, but everyone tells me not to, and that it isn't as bad as we all seem to think. I don't know though, I'm not letting my guard down for a second. I just got a few mock ones from a friend and am going to practice them over the next week or so. Then I just need to get DST calc's sorted. Once those two(/three) things are squared away, I'm happy. Am fine with the essay/talks etc, and I feel pretty confident with the command tasks. Lets just hope it all goes well!

Have you started thinking about/visiting regiments yet?
Exactly not taking a chance myself, got a few plan ex's Iv been working through the last little bit. Yeah thats it if your confident your pretty much there!

Yeah had a few fam visits already, I'm in a TA armoured core regiment at the min but cant see myself commissioning into a similar regular regiment, so had visits to the RE and RLC. Pretty dead set on RE if I can get in but the RLC were pretty awesome too! Could highly recommend both of them if that's what your looking at. What you thinking of going into yourself?
When did you see the RLC? I was there not too long ago now! Beginning of this month. I enjoyed them. I have always thought combat arm but did like them. If for whatever reason I can't do that, I might go their way. Although I have RE right after Board. Hoping to get on RA as well. Then if all goes well with lard get on some RAC visits and Inf. I've met the Scots/Coldstream Gds, hoping to get on a visit with them both.
For what it's worth. Don't worry too much about the Plan Ex. You will be taught everything you need to know the day before. listen, write everything down and take it all in.

On the plan ex itself, take your time with the narrative to pick out the essential AIMS of the mission and identify them in order of priority. Also identify the FACTORS which affect your plan, such as fallen bridges, injured patient who has only x hours to live, etc, and work out the DSTs for all your routes, even if you don't intend to use them. Above all, keep an eye on the clock and ensure you have enough time to write out your plan. General Patton once said 'a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow' You get the idea!

Most importantly, be proficient with your DSTs. You will be grilled in front of your peers about your plan, as long as it is fairly water tight, and you fulfil the aims, you will be ok. You will also be asked to do a DST off the top of your head with the added pressure of all eyes being on you - so practice your mental arithmetic!

Good luck with the board.

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