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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by aprs, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just managed to book my AOSB main board date for the 11th-14th September this year, and was wondering if I could get a bit of advice on how to fully prepare for it.

    So far I passed the briefing at the end of April with a Cat 1 which I was very pleased about and have just graduated from University also.

    I have one big trip planned with a friend in August (walking the Pennine Way- maybe this will help with Plan Ex and Phys? haha!) and just come back from a University climbing trip I co-organised in the Isle of Skye including the Cuillin Ridge, so I feel like I'll have used the summer fairly well- do you reckon this could be something I can update with on my CV before the Main Board?

    Also, I have not yet been on a Reg FAM visit which I am starting to get a bit anxious about as my ACA officer said it would be pretty helpful to do so in order to aid my way through main board.

    I had a FAM visit 'pencilled' in with the Paras in August but as they haven't gotten back to me and now that it's collided with a trip and not been confirmed, only requested I am going to ring up and cancel. However the Royal Engineers only available visit will be after my main board date and I've not heard back from an Armoured Corp regiment (although to be fair I've not stipulated so it's hardly surprising).

    Is this going to be a big issue in aiding or abetting my application through the board? Is it worth me trying to get a FAM visit with whomever is available before my main board date and convenient with me also, or am I just stressing needlessly?

    Also just in terms of all the job cutbacks that have taken place recently, is there a rumour that the selection process at main board is going to be much stiffer with further cutbacks, affecting people passing selection?

    If anyone has any info/experience that could shed a bit of light for me that would be fantastic,


  2. Anything I say is purely what I've heard/experienced, so take it with a pinch of salt.

    If you're like me and have no military background within your family, it is pretty essential that you go on at least one FAM visit and more if possible before your board. Whilst the Colonels understand that not everybody has military backgrounds, they do expect us to expose ourselves to military visits so that we can get a feel for a life in the army and at least have our eyes opened a little bit. RA is booked up until October so skip that one, Signals isn't everybody's cup of tea but I managed to get a FAM visit there within 2 weeks of sending off my interest and it was actually fantastic. The troopies and captains were all great and it showed me that it has such a broad spectrum of work.

    At the end of my Board, the Brigadier gave us a speech and his summarative lines were roughly:

    Sending each candidate to RMAS costs £70,000. Sandhurst is reducing the number of candidates taken in each year, whilst applicant numbers are rocketing - We are no longer taking boarderline passes, we are looking for the best of the candidates.

    He then went on to explain that although they're being more selective about those that they're giving passes to, there is still no limit and they would be happy to pass either 100% or 0% of a board - It's purely down to suitability, not numbers.

    From those that I've spoken to at my board, most of the people who failed seemed to get caught up on their Plan Ex's and/or couldn't work as both a team member and a leader. The most important element of the Plan Ex is that your final plan meets all of your essential objectives - even if you have made a calculation error, you can do fine if that error is carried through and the final timings appear to get everything done in time. A few people seemed to run out of time before finishing off the writing down of their final plan and as such, might as well have written nothing. You're on a weekday board, so you will have a Plan Ex lesson the night before you do your actual one, listen to what you're being told.

    With regards to fitness, many of the captains at my board were infantry and as such, seemed to think very badly on those who didn't meet the mark on the MSFT/push-ups/pull-ups. I'd advise you to make sure you can pass all of these with ease.

    Good luck with your board and whislt I don't know it all, I'll try answer anything you want to know whilst it's fresh in my head.

  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Yorkshire Lad, stop burbling: don't give advice you're not in a position to give.

    aprs, at the end of your briefing you were given detailed specific advice by your Group Leader on what you need to do to prepare yourself for Main Board. My advice to you is to follow that advice! He or she will have been in a far better position to help you than any random punter off the internet.

    However: polishing up your CV is not going to make a lot of difference now. The key to passing AOSB is to perform well when you're there. Fam visits are nice but don't sweat it if you can't easily get on one before you go to Westbury, but you do need to make sure you have a good general understanding of the organisation of the British Army and the roles and responsibilities of a junior officer.

    Finally, the selection process is not being made any 'stiffer'.
  4. I wouldn't quite call it burbling. I stated at the start that it was all based on my personal experience and things told to me by the Captains and Brigadier at Briefing/Board.

    You may not like my post but it answers the OP's queries - whether rightly or wrongly, you can choose for yourself.
  5. So you chose to pass on possibly out of date information and ignored the standard brief not to disclose what went on on the Board. Well done you.

    I reiterate cpunk's advice to the OP. Use only the advice given specifically to you by AOSB. You have no idea who the people giving insights here are or what they really know.
  6. We were told not to pass on details of the MAP/team tasks/races as it could create an unfair playing field for those receiving it. The information is also only two weeks old.

    I didn't disclose anything that was meant to be secretive, information such as having the Plan Ex lesson can be sourced directly from the timetable on the mod website and mentioning what people failed on is post-board and seems like a logical thing to share?

    I'll go back in to my corner now and be quiet - OP you're probably correct to ignore my information anyway - But I do wonder what the point of the recruiting sections of this website are actually meant for if posting anything other than links to the mod is considering tripe and unreliable.
  7. How on earth do you think any of us got into RMAS before the internet?

    I'm not a Mod (thank God say I and all ARRSErs) but IMHO the recruiting boards should be about getting a feel for Regiments or jobs. What they should not be about is people who may only have got as far as briefing dishing out their opinions on how the process works or passing on hearsay about how others performed.

    If one has the potential one will be invited to go to RMAS. If one does not one will not. Simple.
  8. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    50,000 acres, the ability to take a hot crumpet from behind without blubbing and a quick nod from Daddy to the Commandant over supper at White's.

    If you think the advice on here is worrying, you really should see the immensely detailed document that the Rifles give their POs, giving them handy hints for bluffing the board.
  9. Fair enough - Although I'm not sure many people who haven't done board, bother to try give advice for it, but again fair enough.

    A little curious about your avatar, but all I can think when looking at it is Irish Guards. What is it?
  10. Sorry, we just have this advice thread every couple of months. I caught out a couple of users holding forth about what to expect & how to pass & it turned out one had failed, the other not attended.

    Geting to & passing AOSB is obviously a very big thing. I feel that people are putting more pressure on themselves by obsessiong about it on here all the time, time which could be better spent reading the paper, pursuing a hobby or God help us going to the gym (no phys tests when I did RCB!)

    If they then get duff info then that disadvantages them further. Honestly, I passed first time at the age of 17 and got the best possible pass available even though I fouled up my go at leading a command task. It wasn't that I failed this it was how I coped with the failure they were interested in.


    London Irish RFC, the subject I am most boring about along with MasterPlume & his antics & telling off Potential Officers about chatting about AOSB on ARRSE.

  11. Someone was trying to have me on in the Mess just before I left that they allow State School pupils, girls & darkies to be Army Officers, and not just as Nurses. I mean this is all very well for the RAF and RN, but really.

    Well that's just typical Black Mafia, isn't it. Surprised a potential Infantry Officer can read it, does it come in comic strip form as well?
  12. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    No, but it genuinely had a picture of Sean Bean as Sharpe at the bottom of it. Classy!
  13. Sharpe pinched an Eagle & saved Nosey's life. I think that is sufficient to overlook that a chap didn't go to the right school.

  14. I understand what you mean about people applying additional pressure that isn't beneficial to anyone. I was amazed about how much I overanalysed everything in the initial weeks of getting my AOSB date and then backed off it once I realised that being in a mad panic to improve absolutely everything would lead to me actually either send me crazy or end disastrously.

    London Irish RFC now makes perfect sense - I had seen the shamrock, sword and partial St George's cross and was adamant it was military and that I was being stupid not being able to work it out.

    Anyway, I'll genuinely stop scribbling on this thread before I get my hand smacked :thumright:
  15. As we in Generation Y like to say, "the line is a dot to you".