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hey guys, does anyone who has been through the main board have any insight into what to expect from the interviews at AOSB?

Long time - 2002 - since I did it but I remember having one about my family life, my motivations to join etc. Hell it can't be hard, they let me in....................


I'm curious about this as well.
In the video one of the officers lays the smackdown on somebody via maths questions.
Are we likely to get jumped like this? I know it's supposed to be informal, and there are 3 different interviews, vice president, group leader and an education advisor as well. Clearly the education advisor will probably ask about how we were in school, did we think we could have tried harder, what were our teachers like that sorta questioning?
Interviews are probably the easier bit to be honest. In the education advisor interview he will ask you a couple of mental arithmatic questions such as add 43 29 and 12, and a time/speed/distance one.

In regards to direct questioning during the interviews, is it likely that current affairs and general knowledge questions will also be asked.

Only ask due to the fact there are limitless amounts you could be quizzed on.

You will get asked about your motivations for joining the army as an officer, about your cv and also what you feel an army officer does and skills you have. Your current affairs, service knowledge tests etc will be reviewed by the education advisor, along with you essay. As long as you know your cv and what an army officer does and qualities needed you will be fine.

1 interview with the education advisor. He looks at your educational qualifications, gives you a little bit of mental arithmetic, and checks your academic development a bit more generally - mine had a few questions about what I'd been reading recently.

Second which concerns you as a person - why do you want to join the army, what are your strengths / weaknesses, see what your understanding of officership is.

Third is the CV interview. This is the life story part, minus education, which is of course already covered. Based off mine, I think this is where they have a look at your character - do you possess moral fibre?

I should mention that they aren't necessarily in this order.

In answer to 0508611 - there wan't any current affairs in any of mine. But you do still need to know everything, firstly for the computer-based current affairs quiz and the essay, and also for the group discussion.
Expect to be grilled - in my interview with the EA I got a loud bollocking for moving the chair an inch as I pulled it beneath me sitting down. Some are nice, some not so nice - it's about putting you under pressure. However, this may not be the case for you - just a heads up!


Cheers for the tips all. Especially telec for the breakdown.

@ Stripe - put the wind up me mate :p haha :S

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