AOSB Injury Strapping

Hi everyone,

I sprained my ankle last sunday and my briefing is tomorrow (monday). I can now run on it ok but it still feels weak. Obviously the MSFT is going to add extra strain onto it because of pushing off. I know i can alternate legs to push of ect.. But, would strapping my ankle up raise lots of unwanted attention? I can strap it is only just visable above my sock but my ankle will look massive!

Whats the best thing to do?

Lol. What Polar means is do you have a piece of paper with a doctor's signature on it saying you are fit enough to attend the AOSB. I dont think you get these anyway from your recruiters. You got a couple of optoions:1. Attend the Briefing see how you do, if you fail the fitness assessment then your gonna get 3 months phys to work on.2. Put the briefing back due to injury, however the time deplay could be greater then 3 months, and how quickly your ankle recovers.Further you dont wanna do anymore damage to it, so it is up to you.I have also noticed that this was posted yesterday. How did you get on?

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