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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by fordrick, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Evening chaps

    I sent off my CV and medical forms for AOSB over 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing back from Westbury. I was wondering if anyone could be helpful enough to tell me how long their wait was or the average wait, should i put my anxiety down to the season or am i being a wah. Any useful information would be appreciated,

    Thanks very much
  2. Considering Christmas has just happened, I wouldn't be too concerned. I know people who have waited weeks to hear back after sending their forms in during normal working times of year! If you are concerned, you can always give them a ring to politely inquire.

    Edit: Is this for briefing or main board? If the former, then the med. forms have to be cleared, and all that kind of thing, which takes time too.
  3. Thanks Snoreador, will give them a ring in a few weeks if i have still heard nothing by then. If you dont mind me asking, could you tell me how they would get in contact also? Thanks again
  4. For the briefing, they sent me a letter. For the main board, I got a phone call to confirm available dates, followed by a letter to confirm it all.
  5. Okay thanks for all your help
  6. Also, factor in the bad weather. Your post may not even be with them yet.
  7. Only just saw the edit Snoreador, its for the briefing and i hadn't even thought about verification of the forms. Knowing the efficiency, or lack of it, of my local GP it could be a long time.

    Will do Jinxy
  8. Ah, did you hand over the forms to the GP then? If so, worth giving them a ring to check they've sent them off before badgering Westbury. If they haven't, book an appointment and get them done in person - if they complain at doing that, the carrot of the MOD paying for their (brief) time should work.
  9. One step ahead of you there, I have already been in to the GPs and have confirmed they have sent them off. I also have the benefit of the secretary at the practice being an old family friend. Yes i thought the fact they can get reimbursed for their time should have been an incentive to say the least.
  10. Job jobbed, down to Westbury then!
  11. Indeed, thanks for all your help. My anxiety levels have depleted somewhat.