AOSB Essay

Hi All,

I have my main board approaching and want to start practicing for the Essay. My education has consisted of primarily STEM subjects so I have little experience with writting an essay. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I should practice? Or could anybody direct me to where I can find example topics that I can work with?


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Essays are a question of practice and a lot depends on the title. I do a lot of exam preparation for students learning English and the exams require essay conventions.

Basically you will have an introduction which tells what you are writing about in order to catch the reader's attention. Don't copy the question, paraphrase it.
The essay will continue giving usually pros and cons of the different points, each usually given its own paragraph
Finally your conclusion sums up your POV.

Alternatively you could write a paragraph about the pros and then one about the cons or vice versa.

Planning on a rough sheet of paper and ordering your thoughts before you write is absolutely vital Time spent thinking = good performance. Don't be a sheep and just pick up a pen and start scribbling.

Try this site:

This has one or two tips, just not many.

If you wish to try an attempt or two and PM me the results I'll happily give it the once over from a schoolie's POV.
I do have students at high levels taking Cambridge exams which require a decent level of written English so I reckon I could help.

Good luck anyway.