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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by eng_chris, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Hello folks,
    My AOSB is coming up soon, and the only thing I'm still unsure of is the essay on current / world affairs. I have tried searching for this but couldn't come up with anything very useful.
    I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the type of options that are given for the 1.5 page essay please?
    I think I have a fairly good knowledge of current affairs but it would be nice to have some essays roughly planned out in advance.

    Anyone's shared knowledge in this area would be much appreciated,
    Cheers folks.
  2. The questions change. As long as your writing skills are ok you'll be fine.
  3. fuckmyoldboots Albert - that advice from a nut strangler who can barely string a sentence together is ironic! :wink:
  4. You cheeky b@stard! ;)
  5. Well done - that one's OK!! :D
  6. Did you notice my Capital letter at the start, and my exclamation mark instead of the "full stop"?
  7. Basic essay structure when approaching a topic of discussion:

    The topic
    one side of the argument
    t'other side of the argument
    other factors affecting the outcome
    a sensible solution or reccomendation

    Beef each out paragraph with a meaty sentence and some 'nuggets' of info and you'll be fine. The ability to dicuss a subject in writing is what they're looking for, not whether you are Mastermind.
  8. Are you expected to know facts and figures about a particular topic.

    And if so isn't this slightly unfair as one of a million moral or ethical issues could occur.

    (Sorry if i seem desperate or panic ridden my Main board is imminent)

  9. Just be up to date with current events such as MP's expenses, the credit crunch, the global recession, Korea, Iranian elections, Iraq, Afghanistan, Swat Valley shenanigans and maybe some odd ball topics like Pig AIDS and that paedo teacher from last week.

    It will most likely be current affairs, not the assassination of Kennedy or the 'I have a dream' speech
  10. Probably best not to start with

    "Once upon a time ....."

    or end with

    "and they all lived happily ever after."
  11. or "I woke up and it was all a dream"
  12. Hang on, that one worked for me! :lol:
  13. Reading The Economist on a regular basis,always helps.
  14. I also have my main board coming up soon. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many options are given for the essay? Also, has anyone got any example questions that could be used for practice as this will be my weakest link.

    Thanks! It's great to read all the posts! :D
  15. Don't get carried away; quit whilst you're ahead!