AOSB Candidates in the Bournemouth/Poole area?

I shall be going on my Main Board at the end of this year, around November time.
And i am hoping to find other people in the same situation having passed briefing in the same area as me. I want to be able to stand as best chance as i can so i feel it would be useful to met other people in this area to help practice all aspects of the application process be it fitness to the discussion on contemporary affairs.

Are there any other Potential Officers in this area? If so let me know if you'd be interested in getting together!
If you get really really stuck and start panicing PM me.
It's not so much that i am getting stuck, i just feel it would be beneficial to have someone to bounce things off of. I have been on Fam visits and i found talking to people there helped me a great deal, everyone has a wide range of knowledge which you can learn from it's just a shame that none of them lived close enough to me to meet up.
Most of my friends are supportive but aren't really helpful, I Need to practice my contemporary affairs discussion as this was one area i wasn't very comfortable in and i feel it would be helpful if there was someone in the same area in the same boat.
When's your main board? I'm more than happy to have a few PM/telephone debates with you about current affairs as I have mine in September and could do with a few objections.
My Main board is provisionally for November time. Yeah i'd be up for a few PM Debates. How you getting on with everything else? I want to be prepared enough on everything so that they only thing i have to be nervous about are the interviews.
Doing alright, cheers. Had one Fam visit to Worthy Down and enjoyed it immensely.

I was alright with the contemporary affairs part, I must admit. It wasn't so much that I was well-read, I could just identify who was well-read and disagreed with them on every point and invited others to discuss while I had a chance to formulate a coherent argument. One piece of advice that i was given at Fam Visit was that they're not assessing your moral character in the debate. As long as you say: 'If I might play Devil's Advocate then...' and go on to whatever spiel will prompt more questions.

What papers do you read? And how were you on the PlanEx? I was absolutely dire...
I tend to read a mix of The Times, The Independent and The Guardian. Trying to get a broad view, plus i'm always reading the news on BBC news and Sky News. (helpful having an iPhone with news at your fingertips) Yeah i think that was my problem i was staying quiet until i had something to say, plus there were 2 members of my group who just wouldn't let anyone else talk.
My Plan ex went really well, although my final plan wasn't the best choice thats not what they were looking for. I filled the A3 paper with as much information as possible, i think i had about 20 factors and deductions which apparently really helps, even if your final plan is rubbish as long as you have done all the ground work you'll do a million times better than if your final plan was correct and you only had 1 or 2 factors.
Yeah, mine was described as 'simplisitic but reasonably effective...' High praise indeed. There were a couple of well-read, intellectual types on my board who wouldn't shut up at all. I got good feedback from barking: 'Number 1 and number 5, i thought this was a discussion, not a dialogue. Number 7 would like to say something.' I recall number 7 looking at me with pure fear in her eyes because she hadn't been listening and didn't have anything to say, but I got some kudos for it anyway.

Not too sure on your choice of reading being very broad. Pick up the Sun and the Daily Wail. If you're really looking for something controversial to say that will spark HUGE debate among your group, just quote the spouted drivel that counts as news in there and you'll be well on your way to Sandhurst.

Command tasks go alright?
I will have to take that into consideration about telling them it was a discussion! When i did my briefing i was only reading the Independent and occasionally the economist and was told i needed to broaden my daily reading, try a few different newspapers etc. Haha thats probably a very good idea, doesn't necessarily need to be something you agree with just a difference of opinion!

Yeah command tasks went really well, did 3 at briefing and completed all of them in the time given and again another 3 at the RLC Fam visit which were also completed on time. I got good feedback at my briefing one as i came up with the original plan and it was the the plan that we went along with and completed with about 100 seconds to spare. What about you?

I live in Bmouth and am preparing for Briefing at the moment. Would be more than happy to discuss current affairs etc and do any joint fitness sessions.


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