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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Mac_25, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, fairly new to this site, i'm finding it of great use. I'm currently preparing for AOSB Briefing and i'm struggling to get to grips of what to expect of the whole thing..... I'm really looking forward to doing the Briefing, and would like to ask everybody if you could share your experience of the Briefing and any specific info you could give me that will help in my chances at gaining a Cat 1. I'm quite struggling on current affairs?????
    Has anybody got any literature that they used to revise for want of a word that you wouldn't mind sharing.
    Cheers for your time guys.
  2. Search for "AOSB Briefing" in this very forum and you will find all the answers. Ingenuity is something you'll need!

    Current affairs: Read 'The Week'. Briefing is a doddle.
  3. Read The Week, listen to the daily bbc news podcasts, or read a daily broadsheet, watch the news etc.
    Make sure your run fitness is good.
    Speak up so you can be heard, be active in tasks and group activites.
    Relax and enjoy it.
  4. like Exwing said use the search function because there are alot of threads on the AOSB and what is required of you, what you do during the Briefing and Main board etc.

    Regarding fitness, download the MSF onto an MP3 player and practice it
  5. Honestly I think the beep test suggestion is overkill.

    As long as you are not a couch potato reaching the level required isn't too hard. IMO it's the assault course that requires a good overall aerobic/power balance.

    Pending actually passing next week I would agree with richy4, as listening to the daily bbc coverage in podcast format is one of the things I do to get a broad current affairs baseline.
  6. Any chance you could remind us all why you failed last time?
  7. Fair point.

    Mouth and shut