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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Mac_25, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, i am new to this and just wanted to ask anyone if they could give me specific information on the AOSB Briefing. What must i know? and are there any really hot areas to look out for?
    Cheers guys.
  2. You might find this is for normal soldier recruiting, Officer questions go in the specific sub forum. You have also failed the first test.
  3. this is the only officer recruitment forum I know of.

    Mac_25, There is not much specific information on the briefing. You do not really need much specific information. Just make sure you prepare and do not take the piss just because its 'only' a briefing. Keep up to speed on the following:

    Fitness- 10.2 bleep test, MAP tests, Current Affairs, Mental Arithmetic (speed, distance, time), and think about why you want to join the army.

    Most importantly try and come across as intelligent, interesting, confident and good at getting along with your group.

    You will no problems
  4. Mac 25, the above post from uo1_rhino is a very good simple guideline in to the areas that you should be looking into for your brief, concentrate on those areas and you should be fine. But as highlighted do not go with a lacks attitude, the brief is the first steps of your selection process, so try to make a good early first impression.

    p.s don't listen to people like smithy on these forums, people like him always pop and write counter productive post, without actually thinking or reading themselves, total tools, don't listen to them

    good luck
  5. Use your search tool mate, there have been lots of Briefing threads before. It's very straight forward.

    Just do your top button up and make sure you can do 10.2 on a bleep test.
  6. Be honest, don't try and be someone you are not, honesty is a key characteristic that is valued and respected by the staff and officers there.
    Be sociable with the other members of your group, make friends with them and it will make the process all the more easier.
    Read the papers, but not just the headlines, show them that you are interested in the world around you ( a group at our Briefing was asked to discuss something to do with Pandas in captivity....)
    Get on top of your phys, be sure you can complete the bleep test ( if you have an I pod, download the bleep test on it and go practice, no reason to fail that its a piece of piss)
    The better prepared you are, the more commitment and maturity you will have shown and the better you will be received. The briefing is there to give you the opportunity to show them who you are and demonstrate that you are capable of passing the Main Board. So go there give it a hundred percent effort, have fun and be yourself!
    Good Luck!
  7. In my defence this was in the Regular recruiting forum before it was moved.

  8. Great advice. You don't really need any more info to do well at briefing.
  9. Thanks guys, the help is much appreciated.