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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by francis666, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Chaps, just wondering with regards to the AOSB briefing medical, will they drugs test you. I was foolish on the weekend, and with a few beers inside me had a couple of puffs on a 'cheeky cigarette'. Idiot I know. But if anyone knows whether they do or do not drugs test you at the briefing, Ild appreciate it if you told me. I'm sure they wont, as It would surly be too expensive to piss test people who may be getting a cat 3/4?

    Cheers, appreciate it.

    (I have posted this in the Joining Up section but I wasnt sure if that was for joining as a squaddie or officer).
  2. You are a tool. No they don't but I wish they did. Drinking isn't an excuse, moral courage is a key component of an officer and you have failed miserably especially if your briefing is this close.
  3. I was an idiot yeah, fair play. But it doesn't mean that I lack moral courage. I just slipped up, once. Cheers for your answer though.
  4. What are you going to say when they ask you if you have ever taken drugs, and what your feelings are on drugs are at the end of the interview? (Presuming they still do this)

    Have you perfected you lying face, or are you actually going to show some integrity and moral fibre?
  5. Well I guess Il say Im against the use of drugs, which I am, but once or twice in the past at a party, under the influence of alcohol, Ive had a few drags of a joint. What do you reckon I should say?
  6. The truth.

    It used to be an automatic bar to entry, but I believe now they take it on a case by case basis. Maybe someone who's been through recently can confirm.

    They will wonder though, if you're the type of person to bow to peer pressure, especially if this was at a party with friends as you say. Not a quality they particularly look for in an Officer.
  7. Well, I didn't bow under pier pressure. Nobody had to ask me twice. I was just being a tw*t. To be honest, I dont see why I shouldn't say 'I've never smoked a joint', because Ive only done it twice-just a couple of puffs each time. Surly they're expecting someone who smoked/smokes it loads to say 'yes, I have smoked it in the past' or 'yes, once or twice'. Prince Harry got away with it. But then again, he is a bloody prince...he can probably get away with a lot!
  8. I failed my main board though my report hasn't come back through, i fear it's because i went to Amsterdam and got Stoned, Tronned, Off My Tits etc.......2 years beforehand.
  9. 2 years ago? I think that wouldn't affect you now, would it? So you weren't tested at briefing, but at main board? You sure you failed on the drugs test. Thats pretty unlucky mate. You allowed a second chance?
  10. Unlucky JEP. That must be very dissapointing. Especially considering how fit you are.

    I don't know how you came across to the board but when I went through (in 2002 I may add). One of the guys had been travelling for a year and openly admitted to taking ecstacy and smoking weed whilst travelling. He qualified it by admitting that it is irresponsible and would never do it as part of "normal" life. They seemed ok with it. I'm not condoning anything here, I'm just saying that that's what happened. At the time, I couldn't believe that he admitted it! But then, there's the whole integrity and moral courage side of things to contend with.
  11. Haha it clearly wasn't that, and i doubt very much i failed on fitness. Get my report back soon enough, then yup get another crack at it. Till then show me to my computer......EXCEL and MS WORD HHHHOOOOOO RA.

    Anyway your not tested at briefing but at main board, and then largely on the basis of your urinalysis i imagine. The rest of it is largely joint analysis and basic movement.
  12. Ok, cheers boys.