AOSB Briefing Various Questions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Alex-P, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Hiya All

    Basically I have got my AOSB Briefing in around 3 weeks times , I have been working on my general fitness heavily running once a day . I also took a bleep test a few days ago and got 13.6 . Fitness is not a problem although Pressups are taking some time to come along .

    Firstly at the Briefing i am aware of the Bleep test and the assault course . What else is there ??

    Also During interviews I am up on my general affairs as I take politics A level and have to be , however can anyone recommend any more reading material ? and tips for any other Tests

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. hey man, briefing is easy, it is just an introduction and guidance on the main board. No sit ups or pressups, just bleep and obstacle course, and if you are running 13+ you will be more than fine.

    As long as you are up on current affairs and have a decent answer to obvious questions like "why do you want to join?" and "what do you think the role and responsibilities of a young officer are?" then you will be fine. Just be confident but not cocky and you will succeed.
  3. wicked thanks very much , so any core knowledge ect required ?? . any books recommend ? that wud be good to carry over to main board
  4. "the british army book" is a little book which gives the vitals of the army which is useful for core knowledge, and on the bbc news website if you go on the left hand side there is a thing called world profiles, which gives you the low down on all the countries in the world, so if you are a bit behind on current events on things like the falklands and palastine etc then it gives a good intro. But honestly its a breeze, confidence and a good attitude goes a long way, also go all out on the obstacle course! good luck
  5. Make friends with your group, be yourself, if you have something to say during the group discussion say it. Maintain eye contact and a good posture when doing your presentation.
    And take out all your nervous energy out on the obstacle course.

    PS: small tip for the command task, designate a time keeper and be aware of the groups strength and weakness, use the big guys to do the lifting and carrying, use the lighter members to get across first....And be vocal.
    Best of luck,
    It is fun, at least it seems that way in hindsight.......
  6. In regards to books i recommend...'So You Really Want to Learn English Book 1'

    Not being **** but your asking for advice not 'txtin ur m8s'. Besides come main board you'll be required to write an essay and using 'wud' instead of 'would' will go down like a lead balloon.

    The physical side of briefing is just the bleep test and once round the obstacles, it would be far better to spend your time preparing mentally. Get your mental arithmetic in top shape, make sure you can work out fractions, decimals, area etc, practice speed distance time. Read a quality paper, maybe a periodical. Be comfortable with public speaking.

    Most of all listen, your being coached on how to do well at main board, absorb it, and enjoy it.
  7. Sloppy! :D

    But yes, this is sound advice. Public speaking is undervalued and was certainly the element I most neglected.
  8. Briefing

    Try this, might be of some help.
  9. :x I think that is karma in action! My only excuse is it was written in pre pub much haste mode and i don't know the difference between your and you're! I'll lend you that book when i finish it Alex-P :p
  10. Thank you very much for informing me of my poor grammar I will make sure I read that book :/ . Thank you very much again
  11. You asked for advice, take it or leave it.
  12. I am thankful for the advice as I just said
  13. And another thing I would suggest would be learn a clean joke. As you may be asked to tell a joke and if you haven't got one memorised the only jokes you'll have running through your head will involve a nun and a cucumber or such like!

  14. at MB too? Nuns and cucumbers rate as clean in my repertoire.....
  15. Hi all,
    I've also got my AOSB breifing in about 2 weeks time, can anyone give examples of specific questions they ask about military knowledge or current affairs? In other words, how in depth do they want the answers to be?