AOSB Briefing Train tickets

I've got my AOSB Briefing in a couple of weeks and I was just wondering when I should expect the train tickets I requested to come through? Anyone with past experience should be able to answer. I'm just getting a little worried now as there really isn't long left and I haven't received them. I'm probably going to give them a ring tomorrow and ask, but I thought I'd just ask if it's normal to not have them two weeks beforehand? I confirmed my place at briefing with the travel forms back in January. Thanks.

Also, in before anyone says use your initiative etc, I'm just not sure if it's normal to wait this long and like I said above, I will give them a ring tomorrow and ask. I'm just interested in seeing if it's common or not.
Mine didn't come until about 5 days before I was due to go - I rang them once it got to being a week away as I didn't want to run the risk of not being able to afford the ticket down if they didn't turn up :thumright:
Thanks for all the responses. Being called an underpant is definitely a new experience! Just gave them a ring and they should be here within the next few days. I'm surprised that it isn't done well in advance, but I guess it's all done in bulk when all the forms are received.

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