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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dan2k7, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. I am due to attend a briefing on the 28th march, does anyone have any tips on how to secure a good pass. I have worked on my fitness for the last couple of months but I am most concerned about my mental arithmetic, what sort of questions will they be asking me?
  2. Hi - I am also due to attend the briefing on the 28th March, see you there!

    As far as mental arithmetic goes, I've been looking at things like conversions between formats (fractions, decimals, percentages) also practice your percentages! I've been told Speed Time Distance and Fuel Calculations are good to know - as well as going over things like angles and volume. I tend to do some long divisions or multiplications on my break just to get yourself used to using numbers as quickly as you can. I believe the tests are multiple choice, so if you're really really stuck you can take an intelligent guess, but don't just rely on this!

    Did you go on a Potential Officer insight day? I've got that on the 24th ... so pretty close together!
  3. What a coincidence! I have been speaking to my sponsor about it, and he has told me that whilst mental arithmetic is important it is not as crucial at this stage as it is at the main briefing. I am still scratching up on it best I can though. What sources are you using to scratch up on current affairs?

    No I had heard nothing about it, where is it?
  4. It's in Nottingham - it's just kinda like a practice test of the briefing I think. You could get in touch with the Army Careers Advisors and see if they'd get you on to it? It's not absolutely vital that you go though so don't worry.

    I've been looking at things like the Economist and the Telegraph online. Al Jazeera is also pretty good!

    Are you staying in Wiltshire the night before or are you travelling up in the morning?
  5. I might get in touch with them and see what they say.

    Yeah my sponsor mentioned a couple of them also newsnight and another programme which I can't remember at the moment.

    Yeah I will have to stay the night, but I am at work on the sunday before so i won't be getting to wiltshire until 12 at night, not good
  6. Good Afternoon everybody.

    I have recently come back from AOSB Briefing and AOSB Main Board itself. Before these 2 visits i was constantly searching through this website for help and advice.

    Now i have come back from both i feel as though i should pass on and advice and tips that anybody needs? If you still need any help preparing or have any general questions, fire away and i will do my best to answer!

  7. Hi! That's fantastic, well done.

    I've got my AOSB in 6 days so I suppose all I can ask at this stage is, how did it go? Was there anything totally unexpected? Is there anything you recommend I take an extra look at? Maths/Fitness wise?

    Any do's and don'ts?

    As you can probably tell - pretty nervous right now!

    Thank you :)
  8. Hello.

    Main Board went really well thanks. I have a pre-RMAS course in September and booked onto RMAS in January.

    Haha yea, dont worry i think everybody gets the nerves!

    With regards to fitness:

    bleep test until level 10.2 (NOT best effort, it stops at 10.2)
    Sit ups: 50 sit ups in 2minutes (NOT best effort, stop once done 50 sit ups)
    Press Ups: 44 (Male) 21 (female) (NOT best effort. Stop when complete)

    I was under the impression that you had to keep going until the time was up and they take your best score, however that is not the case. They are very strict as well so make sure you got the technique under control.


    As im sure youve read thousands of time just practice the Time Distance Speed. They will come in handy the entire time, especialyl the planning exericse and Map test.


    There at 3 interviews. CV, Education and Morals. Be prepared.

    Practice as many planning evercises as you can, you really cannot do enough. And remember to set them out the same way as taught in briefing. Here a few here:

    Forms « Gumnut Adventures provides holiday activties and corporate teambuilding in the Grampians Mountains

    You also take the main MAP test as you did at briefing.

    And as everybody tells you over and over again . . .

    Be yourself. Be influential on the group. Dont be scared to get involved in the outdoor activities. Put yourself forward for everything. Be the one who want to take the risky rope jump, put your ideas forward and be yourself.

    Im a 22year old with 3 (poor) a level results, went to a comprehensive school, who dropped out of university and am not from a great town . . .

    If you pass the mark, you get in.

  9. Thank you very much for this! Very helpful indeed.

    I think I've been doing speed time distance every day and night since October last year ... so if I fail on that, I will not be amused :)

    Slightly concerned about the moral part of the interview?

    Congratulations to you, you must be over the moon!!

    I'll let you know how I get on ... here goes the rest of my life ... !!
  10. Not a problem!

    A good tip with the speed distance time as well is to try and do it without pen and paper as much as possible. It will more than likely come in handy!

    The moral part of the interview is all your ethical questions. E.g Why do you want to join the army? Why an officer? Why not RAF or Navy? Why do you want to go to war and kill children? etc etc just be prepared to justify your answer! Best of luck! Post on here how you get in. And remember to keep loud and involved (but not dominating :) )

    Good luck, let us know how it goes!

  11. Have at least some idea of what you believe the role of a young Officer is.

    They might not directly ask that, but believe me they're looking to see if you know.

    On a side note there's some slight changes coming in July 11, mainly to Main Board

    MAP – a second version of the current test will be used, there will be no significant change to current format.
    MAT – a new test of memory and attention will be introduced.
    PAQ – a personality questionnaire will be introduced.
  12. Hey

    I had my Briefing 2 weeks ago. I received a Cat 1 but there were plenty that left with Cat 4's! I have actually decided to continue my application as a regular as there are particular specialization's you just cannot do/apply for as an Officer.

    Top tips!

    - Don't worry about the physical side of things, Bleep test 10.2 equates to running 1.5 mile in 10min 30sec (There really is no excuse to fail this). The assault course is pretty fun, you just need to be able to handle your own body weight in pulls and jumps 5 exercises as fast and as you can!

    - Psychometric tests: they are tough and they don't exaggerate when they say 'As quickly as you can'. There were only 2 S/D/T questions in the Psych tests however, it is extremely useful when it comes to the plan X so make sure your fairly sharp.
    The Abstract and verbal tests were the toughest so make sure your thorough over all three disciplines.

    - Interviews were to be frank, extremely casual! Three questions in 4 mins max. They just want the truth.

    Hope this helps and good luck
  13. Hey guys,

    i have my briefing in just over a week.

    I have been smashing my fitness so that shouldnt be a problem.

    Just wondering do you do press ups/sit ups or is that just main board? I've prepared for them.

    Furthermore, anyone have any idea what these actually are (below) and if there's anyway of preparing for them?

    MAP – a second version of the current test will be used, there will be no significant change to current format.
    MAT – a new test of memory and attention will be introduced.
    PAQ – a personality questionnaire will be introduced.

    and what exactly is a map test?!

  14. Press-ups and sit-ups are only at Main Board, but you will be shown how to do them at Briefing- so if you've been smashing out 50 shit-form semi press-ups, be in for a shock.

    The MAP is the Mental Aptitude Profile test. It has 3 sections- comprehension, maths and abstract reasoning. It'll be fine.

    The MAT and PAQ are not done at Briefing.