AOSB Briefing Schedule

Hi all,

I have chosen briefing date in October but been contacted today and offered a much nearer date.

This cuts down on my preparation time considerably and I need to know what to focus my remaining time on.

Run an sits up ok but need to work on upper body for the press ups,
I've seen the speed dist time calcs an practises those also.

Like I say, if i take the early date I need to know where to focus my attention, I am sure all this is in the joining instructions but i could do with the info before I make my decision.

Cheers for any help
no press-ups or sit-ups at briefing numpty, just make sure your a lot better than the standard for the bleep test. Is harder in overalls. Focus on MAP tests and current affairs. Don't worry about planex, you are taught how to do it there.
Brush up on your speed/distance/time calculations. Read a good quality broadsheet and tabloid. Make sure you have a good suit and not one from the cheapest bargain basement you can find. Timed essays - read up on structure of these. You won't do yourself attempting some panning exercises before you go, more importantly if you get there and **** up then admit it, you'll do yourself more of a disservice if you carry on like a bull in a china shop. For example during my planning exercise two of the cadets there rowed across dry land - completely misread the scenario. Also for the leader led and leaderless command tasks they should have taught you how to go about these. Don't shout people down when it is your turn, listen, but if they are a complete knob this will be picked up by the DS. Good luck.