AOSB Briefing Results and further development.

I recently attended AOSB Briefing a month ago and was awarded a Cat 3. Although I was very disappointed in myself I do not plan to give up there, the main issues I was told that I had were to do with missing out a single crucial detail on the Plan Ex which lead to a fail in the solution, along with this after I had what I thought was a shaky introduction (later being told I seemed confident and had a very good tone when speaking) that threw me off and caused me to feel like I’d let myself down. The MAP tests were a strange one, I felt as if I had found the pattern in all of the abstract reasoning so tests and was able to identify about 80-90% of the correct answers, as for the numerical reasoning, I believed I got around the same. However the verbal reasoning was very hard and I found myself running out of time so was go faster than normal. After I was told I was below average. The MSFT I failed simply because I wasn’t fit enough, after having a mixed variety of MSFT scores on the run up to a Briefing I was too late to cancel without a delay and even though my score was very close anyway I thought on the day perhaps I could be spurred on with adrenaline and running alongside others. The obstacle course I actually had a very fast time and was praised for such. The outdoor leaderless tasks I did okay however it was a mix of trying to allow everybody else to take charge. This part isn’t an issue. They say you learn a lot about yourself at Briefing and deep down I know I have what it takes, it’s just being able to show the assessors without all these nerves I had on Briefing.

Q - What steps should I take before attending Main Board to maximise my chances of success?
Sounds like you know what you have to do to be honest! Anyway, here are a few tips that helped me:

1) Get fitter - practice the MSFT as much as you can, and make sure you can get above the requirement. Also work on your pressups and situps every day! Practice proper form - quite a lot of people on my Main Board failed the basic phys test as they had not prepared using the correct technique.
2) Get a load of spare Plan Exercises off the internet and work on them. Do what the instructors told you at Briefing.
3) For the MAP tests, I highly recommend using the UKCAT practice books (you can get them off amazon). The questions are similar and quite hard, so should set you up well for it.
4) Don't rush into going to Main Board. Take your time. Think of this not as a failure, but as an opportunity to become the best you can be for Main Board.
5) When you get to Main Board, everybody has at least one screw-up. Forget about it and move on - show resilience.
There is loads of general advice on ARRSE about Main Board which is good and helped me. Search through the forums to find it.
This is some really good advice, i will take every bit on board thank you! What time frame would you estimate for attempting Main Board, I was thinking near to the 4 month mark?
This is some really good advice, i will take every bit on board thank you! What time frame would you estimate for attempting Main Board, I was thinking near to the 4 month mark?
Dunno mate, it's your call. Only you will know how long it will take to get ready, whether its 4,6,8,12 months whatever. Better to wait a bit longer than to rush into it, that's all I can say. Good luck!
Cat 3 implies a bit longer than 4 months: if you were considered strong enough to pass in that timeframe you'd have been given a Cat 2 with a 3 or 6 month delay.

When you've reached the point of consistently hitting the MSFT requirement and can do time practice reasoning tests with a good score (I echo the UKCAT suggestion, great book to practice with) I'd book for Main Board. Booking it for 4 months' time on the bet that you'll be good enough is a recipe for stress and you'll carry that onto Main Board which, considering your other issues, won't do you any favours.

Once there you need to be mindful of being too quiet, you can't prepare in advance for that, you need to bear it in mind while there.

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