AOSB Briefing Nerves

I'm all set for the gallows this 23rd and 24th and staying overnight at Redwood on the 22nd. Anyone else?

Also, I'm scared Sh*tless about the command tasks. Apart from a few blurry images on the net there is no saying how its going to come off. Any experiences with those.

And lastly what attributes are you marked on in the Group Discussions?




The Briefing really isn't all that scary once you're actually there, its a really useful, fun and even informal part of the AOSB process.

Regarding the Command Tasks, being 'scared' only works against you, just listen up as they'll throw all the rules at you before you start. The biggest area people go wrong is by making silly errors through having not listened. Despite all this, the CTs in the Briefing are there to teach you about techniques and methods of completing them in preparation for Main Board, so a lot of the time they'll only use an obstacle to demonstrate a particular element.

The group discussion is similar in the way that you shouldn't dominate, but at the same time don't stay quiet - they want to hear from you otherwise they can't assess you. If you've got something to say, keep it short and to the point and don't wait forever to get it in - the conversation moves fairly fast. For this, you need to read up on all the current events in fairly good depths. Have an opinion - no matter how absurd - on everything. Just be able to back it up with something. They'll test you on how you handle yourself in a debate, your current affairs knowledge, reactions to the arguments of others etc etc.

I realise the above is a fairly eclectic collection of advice, but in all honesty most of it is common sense. You need to ask yourself before each activity what it is they are testing you on and demonstrate that to them. You can also guess what they don't want to see. The Brieifing really is quite relaxed, so square those nerves away and allow your better attributes to shine through.

I hope any of that helps.


Don't get too stressed by the briefing!

It is more of an introduction to the testing process than a test in itself, although obviously it is a good chance to impress.

In short: Chill out, do the standard phys/maths/general knowledge prep and enjoy the briefing and make sure you pay close attention to the very useful advice they'll give you!

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