AOSB Briefing MAP test pass mark?


I have my AOSB briefing next month and I am confident in all aspects apart from the MAP tests. Verbal reasoning is fine and numerical reasoning is ok but I rarely finish in time. However I struggle the most with abstract reasoning. The time limit is the worst part as I always find myself running out time and guessing the last 10-20 questions. In abstract and numerical I usually average around 5/10 on the normalised score which isn't great.

I am practicing but still struggling to significantly bump up my marks.

Does anyone know what the pass mark threshold is for the MAP tests and how much weight they place on the MAP scores?
I am worried that a low score on the MAP tests will result in an automatic CAT 4.


Book Reviewer
Don't worry.

Prepare as best you can, without overdoing it.

Do your best when at AOSB. The staff there have considerable experience in selecting the right people, and knowing when they are ready.

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