aosb briefing kit list

does naybody have a kit list for the briefing or a link as to where i can get one? ive tried google and such and thought i would ask here before asking my aca
Your ACA will send you one with the joining instructions. If I were you, I'd worry rather more about sorting your written english out before the essay.

Probably just trainers - but my knowledge is pre-AOSB (when it was called RCB). Just wait for the kit list to be distributed; there won't be much out of the ordinary on there.
No boots are required, everything is done in trainers. I didn't receive an explicit kit list in the joining instructions for either Briefing or Main Board, but you can use common sense to work out what it is.
Take trainers with good grip, especially for climbing the assault course wall, one kid ended up with a busted face because his trainers slipped down the front of it, hilarious! It was also rather apparent watching other PO's slipping off things during the command exercises wearing heavily worn trainers, which is bad for your feet any way if your doing proper mileage in them.

In general just relax your briefing is just as much for you to have a look at the military as them having a look at you.
As mentioned by TMo; Use common sense and you should get a general idea:

Smart dress (Suit, tie, pants, shoes)
PT kit (t-shirt, shorts/bottoms)
Wash kit

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