AOSB Briefing Diary

Ladies and gents,

I’m here to sort you out. So hold to your phones and get ready.

You arrive. You get allocated in to groups and these groups seem to be related to age groups and you will stick with your group the entire process.
These groups then get separated into two. One will do the discussions. The others will do the MAP tests. This was my day 1:


Introduce yourself for two minutes. I recommend you create a mini plan to remember. E.g Name, Location, Education, Occupation, Hobbies & Interest etc.

You then discuss current affairs:
Q1 - Does Love Island have a duty of care to its contestants.
Q2 - Is Boris Johnson an appropriate leader etc.
You will all come up with your own topic and the officer will select a few.
Tips: Listen, be concise but be active in the discussion. Show character and be confident.

MAP Tests:
Brush up on GCSE Maths. Practice numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning. THIS IS IMPORTANT. I believe this is an indicator of your potential even though they say no test matters more than the others.

Plan Ex:
You get briefed and then you do a 40 minute plan exercise. BE COMFORTABLE WITH SDT.
Practice some preferably.
Lay it out as such:
Skim read the text.
Draw a sketch map with abbreviations.
Go through the text again and note everything on your sketch map. Eg. I am at location A. Resource 1 is at location B. Resource 2 is at location 2.
Once all this is down. You don’t really need to read the text. Make essential aims which are things that are either life threatening or life changing. E.g E1 -Get David to the Hospital
Then desirable aims which are usually to do with your reason being in the place you are. E.g.
D1 - Deliver paperwork to location A.

You then want to discuss factors such as people, transport, communications etc and discuss the limitation and benefits.
EG. People - David got 4 hours to live. Carrying David makes you twice as slow.
Then you need to make 3 CoAs. (COURSE OF ACTION).
Calculate the logical routes and work out the SDT.
Give a final plan.
CoA example - L1 pick up paper work. Walk to L2 (30mins) (1645hrs) and deliver paper work (achieves D1). Pick up truck from L2 and drive causality to hospital (5 minutes) (1650hrs) (Achieves E1) YOU MUST ACHIEVE ESSENTIAL AIMS.
That is very basic but it prepares you. Remember, be quick with SDT.

You then have interviews: research what you’ll be doing at training after main board and what an officer is and does. Pretty relaxed so don’t worry. Look presentable.

Day 2:
Remember the scenario because you be asked. Remember the details even the minor ones. Eg. What country your in. Why you’re there. Your original mission.

You then go and smash phys. Bleep test 8.7 Males & Females. Easy for males; girls you need to train! Even pushing the ball and pulling yourself up.

Leaderless tasks:
Very fun, get involved, propose ideas and be practical. Keep time and be urgent.

Obstacles course:
Hurdles are a worry but just sprint and go for it. I can assure you if you 100% go for it, you’ll get over them. Same with the long jump and the wall. Girls.. your hurdles and wall is smaller so you should be ok.

You then get a debrief and your category. I got a CAT 4 for low MAP tests. I froze up. Probably due to a lack of sleep. Only had 4 days to prepare.
Overall: be confident, professional and engaging. Show personality. Get an average MAP score (brush up on the tests) and show logical structure in the Plan Ex.

The credibility of my tips/advice is literally nothing; hence the CAT 4. Use the information to get a deeper insight & pass to main board.

Most of all, enjoy it.

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