AOSB Briefing Diary

Hi, first thanks a lot for all this! V Useful! I'm a bit earlier on in my application right now but wanted to ask about scheduling selecting briefing and main board. Do they allow flexibility in terms of when you organise it (as in are there several dates you can choose from) or are there only a few select dates that are available? I'm working abroad right now for a few more months and looking to schedule soon after I'm back but also trying to get in some travelling as well but dont want to book a trip over the only time I can do selection or main board. Cheers in advance!
I also have briefing coming up soon and I was wondering how long the 1 to 1 interviews are, just for an idea on what to expect. Also would you recommended practising planning exercises before Briefing, or just to work with what you learn during the tutorial?


There's only one 1-to-1 interview at Brief and they'll ask things like what your motivation for joining is, what you think an officer does, what you think leadership is, things like that.

It's a very short interview. The longer interviews are all at Main Board.

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