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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by pandina, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Morning Chaps,

    I have just sent off my documents to Westbury to get on a briefing. The problem i'm having is with my doctors surgery and getting the medical questionnaire sorted out. They keep pissing me around, telling me that I need an appointment (the earliest available date they have given me today is April 8th!!) i've also been told that I can just leave the forms at the surgery and they will contact me when they are complete. (at their own leisure of course) - I took the forms in for the receptionist to tell me "we don't do forms like this" - clear bollocks. Now i need two seperate appointments apparently.

    Needless to say i'm suitably fucked off with them and it's causing me ISSUES.

    Has anyone else suffered idiots like this? any advice? (AOSB have told me to get it done as soon as possible, not exactly helpful)

    Further to this, I am an old lady now, the ripe age of 25 and time is not on my side. Applying to RMP (HA HA, monkey monkey, and the rest i will wait for) should help me here as they are still accepting Officers above the 26 age limit.

    any help or abuse will be appreciated greatly.. CHEERS.
  2. It's not NHS work. They don't have to do it at all it pays peanuts, wind your neck in.
  3. thank you ever so much.
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  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Speak to your ACA but it's my understanding that the current system of getting an RG8 filled out by your GP comes to an end at the end of this month and thereafter you have to go to an Army Medical Centre for a pre-screening medical before going to Briefing. So keep nagging. All it needs is a quick check of your records to ensure that you haven't been diagnosed with various conditions: you shouldn't actually need an appointment at all (I say this having just sorted out a similar issue for my son - the GP initially lost the form).
  5. That's probably a better way of doing things as GP's are doing this really as a favour.
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Well, they get about £60 for doing it and it shouldn't be more than a few minutes work for their admin staff with the doctor's signature added at the end.
  7. The processing of applications and loading onto briefing has now moved from Westbury. This is causing issues and delays anyway so I wouldn't expect anything to happen with your application for a while anyway.
  8. Exactly and it's time away from NHS work a HGV medical is about £150.
  9. thanks everyone :)
  10. Mine took the GP six weeks, and he did it incorrectly the first time! Just keep nagging them. I rang, visited the surgery and eventually wrote a letter. The Doc did it without an appointment - in hindsight it would have been quicker to book an appointment and tip up on the day with the form as a surprise; it couldn't take a doctor longer than 5 minutes!

    As mentioned above you'll need a Medical as well as the RG8. I was told I have to travel to Westbury for it (as I am doing next month) but maybe that was wrong given what cpunk says above.
  11. That's bollocks, and well you know it.

    It is a legal requirement that a person's GP fill the form out, for which they get paid. If they fail to fill it out, they can be forced to do it by the courts, and it certainly does not require an appointment.