AOSB Briefing Cat 3

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Mr_d, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I've just done my AOSB briefing at the weekend and I ended up with a cat 3. The only things I screwed up on was the PlanEx and the MAT. However I believe that if I pull my weight, improve my fitness even more, keep up with my current affairs and practice doing PlanEx's then I believe that I can pass main board. I told my group leader how I felt and he said that was a very positive way of looking at it. He then recommended two year's before I attempt main board but still believe's that I may struggle with main board.

    I was also wondering what to expect at main board and is this the correct attitude to have or am I being too harsh on myself?
  2. Honestly? How old are you, if you are very young (i.e. 18 or 19) and are/will be going to uni, join the TA as a soldier and get more life/military experience, and also improve your fitness immensely provided you join an inf, RAC or RA unit. Do not join the OTC, it will do you no favours and you will probably lose fitness and get a very inflated view of yourself. If you are, however, in your twenties and have finished uni, I would suggest that perhaps a career as an officer in the army is not for you.
  3. Right then, I think your aiming a little off a CAT3 wouldn't be awarded for poor physical performance or current affairs knowledge these can only contribute, it was the failings on the MAT or MAP test that got you the CAT3.
    If you are of a young age sit back take it all in then as the above poster said take yourself away for a couple of years and grow up a bit, not saying your immature or anything but it helps I know I did my briefing when I was young too.
    If you're a little bit older then its time to be a tad harsher with yourself, really look at why you want to join and if this is definitely 100% what you want. If thats the case then crack on get the phys sorted think about the TA a more military mindset could help you, get your current affairs squared away and give the main board a go. It says something for your charachter that you've come on here taken what was said and immeadiatly thought about getting things sorted out.

    Main board is exactly how they describe it in the official literature hard work, but in my opinion some of the most fun I've ever had. I hope this helps a bit.
    Good luck with whatever you choose.

  4. I'm only 21 years old at the moment so I have a few years to go. I have been in the TA for three years now and I enjoy the army. Receiving a commission in the regular's is my next aim and that is what I have got focused on. I have a friend who already has been to sandhurst. I'm meeting up with him so he can help me with my PlanEx. I'm also going to start beasting myself even more physically.

  5. I'm going to argue with you there - the arrogant, unfit ones were arrogant and lazy before they joined, whilst I've met some chubby and obnoxious TA. As with anything in life, it's how you approach it.