AOSB Briefing - CAT 1 - But only 3 on MAP tests

I recently just attended the AOSB brefing and got a cat 1. However I did really bad on the MAP test in which I scored a level 3 on average. (My interview told me a 5 was the average).

He said that he was giving me a catergory 1 due to my interviews and planex, along with my physical all being good and not indicating that I would have any problems in those areas, and that i just scored low on the MAP test.

I know that the MAP testing score is carried over to the main board and was wondering if anyone would know how this would either cause me a stumbling block or what I would have to do somehoe get them to overlook this weak area.

I know that I just got a bit flustered on the test and ran out of time on every section due to trying to get the questions right rather than trying to complete all the questions.

Thank you!
Someone in the 07-08 May briefing who I met as we were winding up had got a Cat-3 due to problems in his Numerical MAP score.

I think you just need to show that you're smart (whatever the MAP score says), good current affairs knowledge and have the determination to get through.

(I got a Cat-1 with reservations over a couple of things, so I'm going to be working my arrse off on those)
What colour Group were you in? I was on the same briefing. I think most of my group ended up with CAT 1's as well but most of them never made the 10.2 MFST.
Whodat, check your PMs
Plenty of people on my AOSB got a Cat 1 when they were way off getting 10.2/8.1 on the bleep. At least one guy got an 8.something and still got Cat1. But then one or two people I spoke to who completed it got a category 2. I was surprised as I assumed not completing the bleep test was definitely going to rule you out of a Category 1 even if you did OK on the assault course.
Maybe there method behind this apparent madness?

The current wait for a main board space is around 3 months (bit of a guess there) plenty of time to get phys squared away. Also if there is a shortage of men applying then it makes sense to give them a Cat 1 and warn them to improve their phys than to Cat 2-6 them and lose them for 6 months or possibly destroy all interest.

Just conjecture though.
Can anyone remind me of the assult course obs again, I have MB in a few weeks and would just like to be sure. Is the outdoor one this time aswell?

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