aosb briefing bleep test

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by trebzy, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. I know I sound like a complete anus but I'm usually alright on the bleep test, except for today. It was wet and I couldn't change direction quick enough. I was like bambi on ice and therefore failed to make level 10 this bleep test done outside regardless of ground conditions?
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I believe it's done on the RMAS ice rink.

    In bare feet.
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  3. The 'bleep test' was designed for indoor use.
  4. In the dark
  5. So what would be strange about the Army using it outside then.
  6. With ice skates on, and dancing to the Bay City Rollers.
  7. ah, so you've been
  8. The test was introduced to the military from the RUC. Brought in to offset the BFT issues that were around at the time and to neutralise the whinges of weather, slope of course ( hilly / flat) the BFT test was run over et al. It kept the age / male/ female aspects of determining a fitness level for when inclement weather conditions prevented the outdoor version. Important as it influenced pay and promotion aspects in those times.

    There were fairly strict guidelines described for a BFT course, particularly if being undertaken in Cyprus / Singapore / Norway / where hot & cold weather factors had some bearing on the result on a soldiers ability to 'pass' a mandatory test.
  9. Its funny watching [fat] americans do the test.

    I've only ever seen it done indoors.
  10. Which would make running it outdoors in inclement weather pretty stupid.

    A wet surface will affect an MSFT score far more than it would a 2.4km run!
  11. It's funny watching fat anyone do it, particularly fat blokes next to fit women, or just fat women.

  12. I don't understand your point. The bleep test was not originally designed to be run out of doors.

    Sorry, I'm old school - MSFT ? Why would you consider 'running' an indoor test on a wet surface?
  13. Multi-Stage Fitness Test. Apparently 'bleep test' wasn't self-explanatory enough.

    For what it's worth I too have never taken it outside, nor do I think it is ever conducted outside (at least, not in a military or sporting context - I've done it outside in my 'own time'.)
  14. Yes, I was pointing out that running it outdoors in poor condition - as is often done - would be silly!

    MSFT stands for multi-stage fitness test: proper name for the bleep test.
  15. Pretty sure when I did it, it was indoors - only the 500m sprint was outdoors.