AOSB Briefing B695.

Aye mate I'm on 695 too.

Prep was going great. Stepped back on the treadmill for the first time in too long a week ago to see where my cardio was. Clocked something like 10:30 on 1.5 mile. Couple weeks and that would have been sub 9:30 no problem.

However, my f**king back went out in spectacular fashion last night after a pretty relaxing (8.5-10kph) 5k. Crippling, debilitating pain. Really bloody pissed off about that, especially because I have a POD coming up in less than 2 weeks. Stocking up on ibuprofen, and taking it easy for a while, the POD isn't formally assessed anyway. It's not worth the risk of knackering my back for life.

How about you mate? How's your prep going? Brushing up on your speed-distance-time arithmetic? I know I have to, haven't done anything of the sort since GCSE!
yeah its going good :) I'm just getting in some 7 mile runs when I can, spacing my own training regime around University and my TA training.

SDT stuff shouldn't be too bad I've been on a site that specializes in military use of that arithmetic.
I wish I'd joined the OTC whilst at Uni. Then again, I didn't know I wanted to join up when I was doing my degree.

How're your press-ups/sit-ups coming?
Mate honestly, OTC is good to just be around like-minded people. Apart from that you won't get much help for AOSB unless there is a newly
commissioned 2Lt in the ranks. I'm training with 4PARA at the moment so my phys (all around the board) is in good condition :)

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