AOSB briefing B692 (7-8 NOV)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by SF10, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Any one else booked onto this briefing?

    I'm travelling down on the Sunday and staying at Redwood Lodge; just spoke to the owner (Sally) - still about 7 rooms available...
  2. Sandy. Not Sally. Best of luck. Don't be a dick and have fun.
  3. Sandy. Got it. Cheers for the advice, are you attending?
  4. Some good advice I got before briefing: there is a dick in every group. If you think there isn't one in yours, it's you.
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  5. I'm booked on. Check your PMs.
  6. Nice start to your (potential) army career, advertising names, dates and places on the internet. That would be a personal security fail then. I wouldn't get your hopes up for AOSB if this is indicative of your decision making.
  7. Thanks brave-coward.
    Actually I got the information about the B&B from the "Main Board B&B" thread within the regular officer recruiting tab. But really, thanks for the helpful and welcoming reply.
  8. im also on this briefing, what have you lot been doing in prep?
  9. running (obviously), keeping up to date on current affairs, going over TDS calculations, working on upper body strength (i.e. pull ups etc), and going over my answers to standard questions - such as why army? why officer? what is leadership? etc etc etc

    how about yourself?
  10. Well just got back from a 2 mile run, too hot at the moment how ever, my upper body strength is fairly good as i train weights on a regular occasion, i just set my homepage to bbc news so i get all current affairs when i go on tinternet. I am pretty nervous about the TDS calcs as im dreadful at maths, do you have any tips or places i can revise it from?
  11. I'm fairly confident on TDS, interview, aptitude tests. Focusing now on fitness & keeping up-to-date on current affairs. Where are you travelling from Toby? PM me.
  12. yeah it has been a bit hot; I've been trying to get a run in early morning before it heats up.
    TDS practice is just a matter of getting hold of some old maths revision books I've found. Certainly helped me. Also make sure to practice them in your head rather than on paper as much as possible. .
  13. Yeah it is pretty hot. Luckily the army doesn't fight in any hot countries like say...... Afghanistan. At Sandhurst you get time off on days like this.
  14. Hey guys,

    I am on this briefing too :D . Travelling from Yorkshire so will be getting down to Westbury on the Sunday evening. I am pretty confident with the aptitude tests but think i need to knuckle down on the TDS revision. Really going to be pushing on my fitness (bleep tests, long distance tabs and runs) in this last month before the briefing too.

    For those of you staying at Red Lodge, what time are you heading down to Westbury? pm me.
  15. I'm actually not on this briefing anymore! I had an email offering me a much earlier briefing (10-11 Oct) which I've just got back from.

    Got a CAT 1: landed!

    Best bit of advice I would give is the maths section of the MAP tests was a lot harder than the examples given to practice on the website, so be prepared.
    Apart from that, just enjoy it (which I know everyone says, but it's true).