AOSB Briefing B/691 5-6 Nov

Hi Sweeters2004

I am also booked on the B691. Its nice to see some one else booked on to this briefing, hows the prep coming along?

I'm too old to attend, and would not pass anyway! Good luck everyone!


I can't wait til mine is booked. I had to wait 4 weeks for medical pass and now my interview is in 4 weeks time. It's taking forever.

rant over.
You think 4 weeks is bad? Took closer to 4 months for me to get a pass, but then I did break my spine once, so it's probably fair that they were a bit hesitant...


I guess it's not as bad as that.

I just want to complete my briefing and main so that I know I have a place at Sandhurst.

All my friends are applying everywhere like crazy and its making me a bit nervous.

The only other place I have applied as a back up is Google and I already have an interview there.


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