AOSB Briefing... 9/10th May

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TocaL19, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Anyone on here attending ??
  2. im attending 7th and 8th
    anyone else?
  3. Im on 7th/8th may aswell. Headin down from Edinburgh on the 6th.
  4. ye im attending the briefing on the 7/8th aswell!
  5. Great! Looking forward!
  6. Have you guys chosen a topic on current affairs to put forward for discussion? I am still thinking, hoping to decide by tomorrow.
  7. I'm heading off to the 7th/8th today. See you guys down there.
  8. I shall see you there. Look out for the lanky ginger, that'll be me.
  9. I'm not going, but given that someone in the group will say "Should they have killed Osama", "will Greece leave the Euro" and "Yes or No to AV" before it gets to your turn, I'd suggest you think of something a bit more obscure than that.
  10. ........................
  11. Hey,

    Hope you all got the results you where lookin for :)

    I've provided some links for main board revision and those on future briefs.

    M.A.P. Tests (A bit harder then the army standard):
    Numerical Reasoning Tests, Free Online Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests, Numerical Reasoning -

    Current affairs:
    AJE - Al Jazeera English
    World News - International Headlines, Stories and Video from
    and BBC news

    Planning Exercises:
    Forms « Gumnut Adventures provides holiday activties and corporate teambuilding in the Grampians Mountains

    Fitness / Multi stage fitness test (MSFT) / Beep test
    YouTube - The Beep Test Level 1 to 10.3 (part 1)
    (Use DVD video soft free studio to rip youtube audio to MP3) Download free DVD, iPod, YouTube video converter and editor software and freeware

    Hope this helps!

    Good Luck,
  12. Good luck guys. Briefing is quite relaxed, enjoy it.

    Do not worry too much about your chosen topic. I said 'football' (as you have to give 1 word lol)

    Good luck all