AOSB Briefing 19/20th September

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by sammy-j-d, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. Anyone attending this briefing? if so, send me a message!
  2. i've got mine on the 5/6th sept if anyone else does?
  3. I'm going on that briefing too :) How are you set for it?
  4. 1-2 august anyone?
  5. Feeling alright, been doing a fitness program etc for aggges. I haven't dived into any of the practice stuff yet, I'll take a look at that nearernthe time. How about you? Where you heading from?
  6. I should be alright for the fitness but my recent exams destroyed my training program so i still have loads of work to do. Any suggestions on how to build upper body strength? As for the other stuff all I've been doing is keeping up with the news and some speed/distance/time calculations for the planning exercise. I'm coming from Belfast so will probably head over the night before. Where are you going from?
  7. coming up from london. ouchh Belfast, thats quite a long journey. for upper body, i put together a training program with my rugby coach which is roughly 3-4 gym sessions a week (maybe more, depends how bothered i am/how much time i have) which excercises each different part of your upper body in every session. been doing it for a couple of months now and im moving up through the weights nicely. i could sort you out some session plans or something if you like?
  8. Aye session plans would be good if you wouldn't mind :) Thanks a million :) To be honest I'm utterly clueless when it comes to strength training, it's the part of the briefing I'm most worried about. It's so bad I can't even do one pull up - I just hang there like an idiot lol. I can do the push ups but afterwards I kinda lose the feeling in my arms. It's slightly worrying lol. Are you doing any prep for the obstacle course?
  9. i wouldnt worry too much about it, the briefing isnt massively strength-orientated...more just fitness. im not really worried about the obstacle course, but im sure the more strength training that you could get in before it would be helpful. do you have email/facebook which i could send the training plan to?
  10. I'll pm you my email and facebook. Again thanks a mil for offering :). Here's hoping we get category 1s or 2s.... (and cheers everyone for reminding me to remove my details - i should have thought)
  11. Bad move posting your email address.... Edit it out and use the PM function instead.
  12. You know you really shouldn't post info like that on this discussion board.

    I now know where you live, what you look like and what your private contact details are. I also know you're wanting to become an officer. PerSec out the window there.
  13. ok now you need to edit your post and remove my info please :) God I'm hopeless.
  14. Done. Nice dress, btw.
  15. Cheers mate :)