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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by mageep1992, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Guys just been set up for my breifing board and i have downloaded like the notes and the Winter Aid planning exercise but what esle could i do to prep that one bit more?
  2. Some lessons in English.
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  3. Learn to write something akin to standard English.


    And never, never use "like" in that way.
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  4. Apologies all :p point has been taken. Start again.

    I have just been set up for my briefing board and i have downloaded the notes and the Winter Aid planning exercise but what esle could I do to prepare myself better?
  5. Read the several thousand other threads on here about AOSB/AOSB Briefing, ignoring 90% of the comments as they are by people who have no clue what they are talking about?
  6. Phys, and lots of it. Mental maths.
  7. Remember to bear in mind you can get failed on immaturity, or told to wait another year.
  8. I didn't do the winter aid planex before going because you're taught how to tackle it down there - if you do it you'll probably just get it wrong - I just saved it for when I can eventually do main board. Train to smash the bleep test, don't fail the phys because it can be the difference between passing and failing and there is no reason to fail it, don't be the guy who pulls out. Do lots of mental maths as said above. Keep up to date with current affairs obviously and be confident when you're there (not too confident though).
  9. Physical training I am not too worried about.
    Bleep test: 12.3
    Sit ups: 80
    Press ups: 52
    My main worry will be the mental maths then, So I will take it that I should ignore the winter aid planex then. Thank you.
  10. Other than being fit and and having a good grasp of current affairs there's not too much us else you need to get hung up on. The Plan Ex you do at Briefing is very very basic and likewise any maths you get asked is straightforward and you can't really prepare for the leaderless command tasks.

    It's been said to absolute death but just try to be yourself and show them that you're a confident, relaxed and sociable character and you should have no problems.
  11. My advice to anyone going is to keep working hard no matter how badly you think you've done at something. Keep your chin up and power through, a good strong day 2 can make up for a slightly less than desirable day 1. Doesn't mean it will always happen, but it happened for me. I felt my day one was terrible but I worked my butt off on the second day and manage to pull it out of the bag. It isn't over until the fat lady sings, not just because you think you've done badly.

    Also... Don't get caught shagging any of the female (or male) candidates. When I did mine it was like "Carry on in the Army," one couple fell asleep in the same bed (managed to find a single room) and got caught in the morning.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Get fit and ensure that you are well informed on current affairs. Listen carefully to what you are told to do and follow the instructions. Remember it forms part of an extended 'job interview' process and behave accordingly. Other than that, briefing is largely about learning how to tackle main board so be receptive; you are given every chance to succeed.

    If you do wind up with a Cat 4, it means the board has seen fundamental issues which make it extremely unlikely that you would be able to pass main board or succeed at RMAS. You need to take this on the chin: it doesn't mean you're a failure, it just means being an officer in the army isn't for you and you will be better off pursuing something else. A Cat 3 is not far from this. Finally, remember that the great majority of candidates who fail main board have a Cat 1 or Cat 2 from briefing: it's no disgrace.
  13. Really? I went down three times, Briefing once and Main Board twice and didn't see any of that, and I was usually late in the bar with some others. The one I heard was some girl getting caught being spit-roasted on the pool table. The site security went for a wander late at night and saw the lights still on (the bar closes but the building is left open), went in and busted them. I had a go with a rather tasty Sports Science student and got the hump, clearly I missed out!
  14. This was years ago under the old RCB briefing. Naturally he failed... and she passed.
  15. In the good old days when the girls were sluttier.. I asked the charmlessly toothless yokel behind the bar and apparently the cleaners are always turfing people out before the CSgt comes round and kicks peoples' arses for it. I hope the bloke got a second go, must've been an interesting report.