AOSB bleep test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by richy4, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Guys have to get to level 10.2 and apparently thats the same as runing the 1.5miles in 10min30.

    Is this true, how difficult has everyone found the bleep test?
  2. Yes it's true, and if you find this difficult to achieve you should consider the police instead, only have to get level 6 i believe. Mile and half in 10 min 30 secs is 7mins a mile, if any one has found it difficult it's because they're an idle, lazy cnut who hasn't trained or been bothered to put in the effort required.
  3. ok, but what I wanted to know is how the bleep test compares tot he straight run? 1.5mile run in the time is fine and no worries, just wondered with the slow start and the turning what the bleep test was like in comparrison?
  4. Seconded. If you can't make that standard there is something wrong with you. If anything the bleep test is easier than the 1.5 mile run as you only break into a jog at level 5 and really start running at level 7.
  5. 10.2 on the bleep test is far easier than the 1.5 mile because;

    1. It is not best effort (when doing the 1.5 you should be running until your lungs are about to burst)
    2. It is a piece of piss!

    It should be easily achievable for anyone wanting to join the army. I found it baffling at briefing and main board that there were people with aspirations to lead men in combat who were unable to complete it!
  6. I agree, I found the bleep test much easier than the 1.5mile run. Its progressive and like Brizzle said its not best effort.
    Some people on my AOSB did find the bleep test harder than the 1.5mile but I don't see why.

    If you want to practice, download the bleep test (i believe its somewhere on the army website, if not ebay sell it in mp3 format for 99p) get a 20m rope and start doing it yourself
  7. I think torres layed it out quite well. The bleep test is stupidly easy, if you can't do it then you will not have the mustard to be in the Army.

    1.5 Mile run is harder, as it's best effort and your should be going as fast as you can all the way!

    On that note...I better go running!
  8. The bleep test is the most basic aspect of hardly need to engage your brain and one really should be getting to level 12 or 13.

    If you are daunted by it then get out there and go running and do sprint training and just general fitness and it will come...DONT give up, anyone can do it!!

    good luck
  9. Honestly I fail to see the utility of the bleep test at all. I certainly found it impossible to reach 10.2 despite having a PFT time of 9mins 15secs. As for the excuse they have of "we don't have enough space for a PFT at Westbury," well that's just bollocks. There is plenty space, period.
  10. That sounds like sour grapes to me, I can manage 10.2 and I'm a girl with a PFT time of 10.44. It's just a question of detatching yourself from the mind-numbing repetitiveness of it. I certainly found the bleep test ('Stop there No. 8, you're at level 8...') the easiest bit of the main board.
  11. Bleep test is easy, run is harder as you can't gauge distance. 100% all the way through results in sprinting first 600m then jogging the rest so you need to pace yourself slightly (exaggerated to illustrate point).

    If you are struggling to make 10.2, then you are weak.
  12. My bold - Physiologically it isn't, psychologically it may well appear that way to you by the nature of the test. It's been a part of both military and police initial fitness testing for some 30 years. If it was "stupidly easy" as you describe, it would have been binned by the military aeons ago.

    As for the 1.5 mile run being "harder" relative to the bleep test, statistics would convince you there's no real difference.
  13. My bold - I watched Seb Coe struggle to get to L 13 during his Olympic bid. I'd be impressed if you hit those marks with military PTI's assessing you. Well done if you are though.
  14. My 12 year old son got to 11.2 the other day and wondered what all the fuss was about. I was quite proud, however the test will be when he does it the morning after a skinful and a kebab.
    Yes I am teaching him to be a squaddie.
  15. I'm genuinely shocked to find that its not a best effort test at AOSB!

    We run the bleep test at my local circuits and unless you're doing it to failure you're not doing it properly and the guy that runs it makes sure you know that!

    So is it that the 10.2 and 8.6(?) are not minimum standards? I had assumed that you went for as long as you could to show determination and how much you wanted it, just like the run in Soldier selection.