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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by HH_2, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. BBC AOSB Article

    One of the "journalists invited to try selection" type articles.

    *Edit* Link Fixed
  2. More quality reporting to fill up the black hole of journalism that is the BBC website...
  3. According to that article, becoming an Army Officer is a doddle...I might join up!
  4. I'm to old!
  5. Guys; I didn't want to start a new thread so excuse my going off-topic. I've emailed my ACA and withdrawn my application, and I just wanted to wish you all the very best of British with your Briefings, Main Boards and Commissioning Courses. Bye x
  6. I would seriously take a little longer mulling over your future krek. You said you got a Cat2 which alot of people would be happy with. How did you come to your decision?
  7. Krek. I've no doubt you will have considered this, but think about ten years down the line, when you are wherever you happen to be, will you be regretting not at least seeing out the process? I mean you have a cat 2 so are allowed to go forward to main board. It won't cost you anything to have a go at it other than your pride if you fail; and if you pass it will be a useful thing to put on your CV anyway.

    The fitness you could do in your sparetime as a general "keeping yourself healthy" programme which you might do around your work anyway.

    What have you actually got to lose?
  8. Krek - I agree with everyone else, you have nothing to lose by going to Main Board. I was in the same situation as you back in 2003 when I was in my last year of uni, got a 2.6 at briefing (poor performance on obstacle course) and then got a knee injury playing rugby, took it all to heart and jacked it in. I sincerely regret not manning up and getting on with it as I realised before too long that the Army was 100% what I wanted to do, and now I'm going through the process at an increased age having spent the last 5 years working in jobs I don't enjoy.

    If your main concern is fitness then that's easy enough to sort, and 6 months is plenty of time to do it within.
  9. I am sorry to say people but if that is Kreks feelings then he is not officer quality and he understands that himself by pulling out- no harm done.

    If he wanted it that badly he would get on with it and not let anything stand in his way of attempting the process.

    Well done Krek enjoy being a civi.
  10. PS the article was pish.
  11. Chaps,
    I appreciate the replies and PMs, both sympathtic and robust. I just want to make one thing clear because even though I don't plan on hanging around here as a civi I would like to show a clean pair of heels.

    I did not expect a Cat 1 as my due; I am not that arrogant. And it's not that my ego is so fragile that I see a Cat 2 as a huge knock-back. I know plenty of people get 'em, and go on to smash main board. If I'd had a three month delay purely because I wasn't fit enough I would crack on.

    My decision to drop out is based on the realisation that I am not sufficiently physically robust, agile or coordinated to take this on. Playing sport at school I was the mongest, weediest kid on the field, and I thought that with a few years on me and more muscle that things had changed. They haven't, and now I have shinsplints in the mix as well. I tried, and I don't regret trying, but I'm not up to it.

    Damn, I felt bad before, and now I feel worse for letting everyone down.
  12. Considered the RAF, then ;)
  13. Best of luck, Krek.

    Returning to the article, I particularly like the comments - clearly many people with an enormous amount of military experience deigning to comment on the roles of officers.

    I know as a subbie I was merely 'looking out for my next promotion' while my 'Sgt commanded the troops' in battle.
  14. Good luck with whatever you choose to do Krek. If I were you I would have a shot at the Main Board, but I do have to agree with Pantsoff. If you are dropping out you wouldn't have had the drive to complete Sandhurst.

    It's all mental. If you want something enough you can get it.
  15. Some of the comments are interesting. Partiularly this little nugget from some fuckwit called Peter.